#BeautyReview : De'Xandra Perfume by Chettakiomey

by - April 12, 2015

Devil with Her Favourite De'Xandra Perfume for HER:
Dior Addict 2 by Dior

Devil's second favourite from De'Xandra Perfume list
Be Delicious BY DKNY

Something About De'Xandra Perfume!
*  Inspiration from Top Perfume brands & all this scent also based on the Malaysian's most favourite Perfume!
* De'Xandra Perfume is a halal product that without alcohol, I think because of this reason that makes the De'Xandra Perfume wont be evaporate as alcohol based perfume as it is halal De'Xandra Perfume so that bring into mosque during solat period!

* All the De'Xandra Perfume is EDP which is long lasting than EDT (more than 8 hours)
Great to bring it along as travel perfumes , it is only 35 ML each De'Xandra Perfume not too bulky,
can passed for hand luggage (not exceed 100ml )

Price : RM65 included postage
(What! With this Price you will get a HALAL, EDP Perfume!)
Without cost you a bomb to own a perfume from RM200+ to RM400+ 
How about using this Rm200+ to buy different perfume from www.chettakiomey.com
or saving up for other stuff! 

GUY! Don't Close (X) My Review posting Yet!
De'Xandra Perfume also available for HIM

Did You Spot Something Here ????

Yes De'Xandra Perfume Have their own Perfume called
" De'Xandra by De'Xandra Men "
" De' Xandra Her by De'Xandra "
Must Be Wondering What Smell it is right?

Let Ask Chettakiomey About this! 

Phone No : 013-2644310 (LIA)

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