Beauty Review : MaskSlim Aquasense Hydrating Sheet Mask

by - August 27, 2016

Hi Angels, How You Spend Your Weekend ?
Share with Me Ya!
I spent my Saturday with MaskSlim Aquasense Hydrating Sheet Mask,
Aromatherapy Candles and Meditation Music
Saturday = Me Time! 
Let's Check Out MaskSlim Aquasense Hydrating Sheet Mask now !
For me, masking time are all about 3 senses : Sight, Smell, Touch  
Once I open the Mask Sachet, I was so surprise and scream !
OMG, These mask prints is so Cute!
All cucumbers prints over the MaskSlim Aquasense Hydrating Sheet Mask !

Now come to Smell Sense & Touch Sense of it!
I am wondering how's this MaskSlim Aquasense Hydrating Sheet Mask smell?

The cucumber prints are not for illustration purpose only!
It really smells like Cucumber too!
so refreshing for a lazy Saturday!
close your eye and take a deep breath.
you seem to like in garden right after raining!

The serum in this mask is right enough for my face!
get to put on some serum on my neck as well.
The mask texture is really fine. I think it is very great for skin.
And another facts I love thsi MaskSlim Aquasense Hydrating Sheet Mask, 
it is fully covered eye area ! 

I felt so refreshing and almost falling a sleep after  25 mins applying it.
From both photos , it looks brighter, soothing my acne redness on my forehead.
Then I massage the remaining serum all over my face, it is really fast absorption into my skin!
Or it is my skin too dry??

Check Out This Video Too
It is all about Masking Ya!

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Next I will trying another MaskSlim - Aquasense Series Sheet Mask
Aquasense - Hydrating & Firming 3D Sheet Mask
2 benefits in 1 Mask!
Ammm......How is 3D Sheet Mask looks like??
Stay Tuned Ya!

Enjoy Your Weekend!

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