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There is no better way to encourage members of the public to give back to society than to get everyone to contribute in a fun way. Jog For Hope 2016 was the statement to that. The annual run organised by Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas, which took place on 14 August 2016, saw 1,786 participants - from fun-loving strollers to elite runners, engaging in a morning of fitness and fun. Along a route cutting through the hilly roads of Hartamas, runners ran for the right reasons – to contribute towards a charitable cause. 

First organised in 2009, Jog For Hope is fully organised by students of Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas. This year, the organising committee comprised 42 students, supported by staff members of the college. Jog For Hope 2016 – the 8th edition of the event, featured three distances – the 3km Fun Run, 6km Turbo Run and 10km Resilience Run. Participation fees were RM35 for schoolchildren, RM45 for tertiary students, RM55 for all other participants, and RM 450 for a corporate group of 10 participants. 

Jog For Hope 2016 successfully raised a total of RM69,000, which was then channelled to benefit three homes for underprivileged children. The Kirtash Handicapped and Disabled Children’s Home in Rawang, the Sweet Care Home in Selayang and the Special Children Society in Ampang each received a donation of RM23,000.

Project manager Dheevanth Devendran was delighted at the success of the event. “Education is more than just textbooks. Through this event, we were able to grow our leadership and life skills. I am proud of my committee for their hard work and sacrifice since April. We have gained tremendously in experience by organising this event. Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way - at every point of planning and execution. My appreciation also goes out to everyone who participated in the run – I hope you enjoyed yourselves! Each and every one of you is very much appreciated,” Dheevanth said. 

Dheevanth shared that the amount raised was well beyond the committee’s expectations. “Overall, there were not as many participants as we had last year, but we managed to raise the funds needed. Thanks to the generosity of the participants, each home received a significant amount. We also had more sponsors this year compared to the previous year. On behalf of the committee, I would like to convey our deepest appreciation to the sponsors for contributing to this event,” he added.

One participant, Tasha Thomas, who is a student at Taylor’s College, said that she thoroughly enjoyed the race. “It’s really nice to see everyone coming together for a good cause. For me, it was like a reunion as I got to meet some of my high school friends. And since this is my first time in a race, it was fun to run together,” she said. 

It was indeed an atmosphere of togetherness, as participation saw not only Taylor’s students, but also a mix of parents, children, locals, international visitors and just about everyone who had heard about the run. 

Another participant, Ahmad, said he got to know about the race through one of his friends. “I found out today that this run was organised entirely by students! What a great achievement. Looking at the amount raised and the charities that will benefit from the donations, I feel that my morning has been very well spent, helping these students succeed in their noble cause,” he commented.

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