August Funky! Boxes by TheFunkyFactory

by - September 03, 2016

I received a Huge August Funky! Boxes
I am Wondering What's Inside!
Let's Check it Out Now!

Let's Understand Something About Funky! Boxes

A box filled with Funky! unique goodies outsourced from artisans, crafters, stay-at-home mum and just everywhere around the world.

FUNKY! BOX was established with a mission to spread funkiness throughout the world and to spark creativity.

FUNKY! BOX is also a tool where artists promote their products and business by offering their products or services via the box. We love working with new and existing brands where subscribers will get to 'experience' their products firsthand.

We not only offer subscription box services throughout Malaysia but also the South East Asian region where subscribers will receive their boxes right at their doorstep every month.

 SO THIS August Funky! Boxes are all About Stripes, Stripes & Stripes 

August Funky! Boxes 2
Here You Go!
 August Funky! Boxes Consists of :
1 x Bow Pillow
1 x Kek Lapis Momo
1 x Our World Poster with Frame
1 x Motivation Mouse Pad
1 x Envelope Book with Personalised Initiate 
1 x Twine Stripes
2 x Magnet Button 

Let's Go More Details 
August Funky! Boxes 3
August Funky! Boxes Item 1: Bow Pillow

teal color cute size Bow Pillow can use it after your lunch break for a power nap!
or it can act as the armrest whoever using mouse lot in the office

August Funky! Boxes 4
August Funky! Boxes Item 2: Motivation Mouse Pad

You need self-motivation everywhere, anytime right?
So this motivation mouse pad is the great thing to cheer you up!

You can Get it Here !

August Funky! Boxes 5
August Funky! Boxes Item 3: Our World Poster with Pink Frame

Travel around the world is your dream ?
Mark Your Next Destination with Marker and Make it Happen!
My Next Travel Destination will be Europe ...

You can Get it Here !

August Funky! Boxes 6
August Funky! Boxes Item 4: Envelope  Book with W

Really thoughtful about the small string with First Name Alphabet.
So This Little Envelope Book belongs to WendyPua....
You Don't Steal it from Me Ya! Hehe!!

August Funky! Boxes 7

You Can Put Cards,  Money Notes as lunch time wallet ....
Good Idea Right!! 

August Funky! Boxes 8
August Funky! Boxes Item 5 , 6: Twine Stripes , Magnet Button 

I think the magnet button very great for the mounting board with a lot of memos, 
and also twine stripes to hang some polaroid photo for memories!

Art Craft Surprise Box
August Funky! Boxes Item 7: Kek Lapis MOMO

No need to travel to Sarawak and get your kek lapis!
You just need to order from @keklapismomo

The Most Yummy and Moist Kek Lapis I ever Tried!

August Funky! Boxes 1

Get a monthly shipment of funky goodies for just RM65 a month valued at RM120 (RM85 for East Malaysia) Or choose your subscription to enjoy the discounted offers. You can earn back a FUNKY!BOX by reviewing your own on Instagram and #iwantfunkybox. (**Terms and Conditions apply)

 Subscribe this September Pretty in Pink Funky! Boxes , OMG My favorite Color!
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