Fitness Updates : 2nd Week Slow & Steady

by - September 12, 2016

2nd week progress no really on lose weight, but to have better shape on tummy (I feel it okay)
and I just back from Ipoh Food Trail Trip with my families, Update Soon! (Excuses for me)
That's why I said Slow & Steady Progress !!

Yeah! I am so happy to share with you that I managed to maintain my 10mins Tabata /HIIT training
and surprising key points to maintain this is to drink more water and sleep well !
like when you sleep late, you can't work out 100% , easily feel tired and sleepy
even daily water intake also super very important when come to workout, especially before workout , you need something to give you energy.
Actually I prefer music with moves and I don't do running and slow walking for my exercise,
maybe i haven't get the kicks of just run and run and run for no reasons,
can you all share with me  how to do running / slow walking in joy?

Today I am going to share with you , My Favourite Pre-WorkOut Formula Amino Plus -  Matrix Hybrid that make me less tired and recover faster after the workout! it taste yummy with mixed fruits flavor, so next week I going to share with you all how's  Matrix Hybrid drinks looks & taste like and my latest progress from day 1. Promise!

Let's Check Up What's the Benefit of it!

·         High-Intensity Training - Endurance Training.
·         Boost Nitric Oxide - Increase Blood Flow To The Muscles.
·         Enhance Muscle Strength - Get Stronger With Each Workout.
·         Increase Stamina - Keep Up The Pace.
·         Accelerate Muscle Growth - Increase Your Muscle Mass.
·         Increase Mental Alertness - Stay Focused and Mentally Energised.
·         Speed Up Recovery - Delay Fatigue. Get Back To Your Workout Quicker Than Ever Before.

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