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by - November 30, 2016

上个星期六,一班学生,潜水员和摄影师聚集在JayaOne - TheSchool 见证 “我的鳍我的生活”摄影比赛的颁奖典礼。

Students, divers and photographers gathered at the School by Jaya One to witness the prize presentation ceremony of the School’s My Fin My Life Photography Contest. 

我的鳍我的生活是由马来西亚的世界自然基金会,以倡议和鼓励公众与企业参与一致承诺不食用任何鱼翅汤和产品,目前的情况下, 以扭转在马来西亚高鱼翅消费.
The School by Jaya One 通过摄影的爱,灌输鲨鱼保护的想法去开始了一个创造性的旅程。

Miss Jessica Yeoh of Tetap Tiara (M) Sdn Bhd (The School) said, “My Fin My Life is an initiative by WWF-Malaysia to reverse the present scenario of high shark fin consumption in Malaysia by engaging the public and businesses to unanimously pledge not to consume shark fin soup and products. In line with the WWF-Malaysia goals, the School by Jaya One embarked on a creative journey to instill the idea of shark conservation via the love of photography. 

约有40个参赛作品,获奖作品的是Patrick Ong
“When the buying stops, the killing stops”
恭喜Patrick Ong获得Nikon Keymission 360

- Chan Hoi Yee
- Nicole Ng
- Felix Goh
- Ahmad Fathullah Bin Marzuki
- Adam Hew

There were approximately 40 entries to the contest and the winning entry went to Patrick Ong.  Patrick’s captions were “When the buying stops, the killing stops”. Patrick also walked away with a Nikon Keymission 360 as the grand prize! 5 other consolation prizes are as follow:
- Chan Hoi Yee
- Nicole Ng
- Felix Goh
- Ahmad Fathullah Bin Marzuki
- Adam Hew

Miss Jessie Chew from WWF Malaysia said, "Its important that we have more and more partners in supporting our conservation initiatives. We aim to educate and create more awareness for the younger generation in hopes to take out the Shark Fins dish in the menus of restaurants national wide.


The students from various schools and colleges also went around the mall to encourage the public to pledge to the My Fin My Life initiative to stop eating shark fins! 


Eco schools were also present to perform and conduct an eco-drumming workshop too! 
Apart from that, they also visited the recycling center at the mall to learn the innovative way of automated recycling process. 

与此活动一起,雪兰莪州的青少狮会被邀请到学校的一个日营。 他们有机会参与从回收和使用的材料创建鲨鱼模型。

In-conjunction with this event, the Leo Clubs in Selangor were invited for a day camp at The School. They had the opportunity to take part in creating a shark model from recycled and used materials.


To be a shark hero and pledge to support this cause,
log on to:

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