I owned an Exclusive KBBA Hoodie!

星期二, 十二月 20, 2016

I owned Exclusive KBBA9 Hoodie !
And I'm proud to say that I'm the only one chinese girl who owns this KBBA9 hoodie!!

The Hoodie is so warm and the red color as so sharp!
Next Time I will wearing it whenever is suitable events.
You all must be wondering why 9 right!
It's Because KBBA (Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari) founded on year 2009
7th Anniversary to KBBA too!!

Thanks to Sponsor of this hoodies!

Support KBBA !
Bukan Sekadar Blogger Sahaja!
We are Family!
I Love You All KBBA9!!!

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8 评论

  1. Terbaikkk... Yeahh!!


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