Sepetang Dengan Reen Rahim & Asianic

by - December 08, 2016

Let's having Japanese Cherry Blossom Spa at Your Home Sweet Home!
from head to toe smell nice with Asianic Japanese Cherry Blossom Series

Wonderland Primary Sdn. Bhd.  has been established in year 1999 as a marketing company in Kuala Lumpur. Our traditional business model is based on retail business which is to develop and marketed all range of health and beauty products inclusive skin care, toiletries to cater for all age segments for Malaysian families.

Wonderland Primary Sdn Bhd in house brand Asianic is manufactured by the group of companies which is with the ISO certified owning Halal & GMP compliant factory. The vision of the company and the team are to be the most completive and innovative retail company in Malaysia.

Reen Rahim , Brand Ambassador of Asianic having exclusive hi-tea with bloggers ,
fans & Asianic users at Donutes Cafe !

Oh, She is so gorgeous , pretty & very humble, friendly !
we having so much fun during the hi-tea time!

Asianic brand products are affordable and priced from RM10.90 to RM17.90 each.

Asianic Products Range including shower cream, body scrub, lotion, shampoo, hair conditioner, bath salt, ginger and cream cleaners also women. For the cream bath, body scrub and lotion are a mixture of extracts of Japanese Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk. Formulated from extracts Japanese Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk with the best ingredients such as aloe vera leaves and roots of cinnamon to help remove the layer of dead skin gently and effectively. It also will keep skin soft, bright and always young. 

This's the Next One I'm Going to Try!
It's Ginger Series that consists Cream & BodyScrub for Fat Burning!
I think will work better with my exercise!

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