Apply these 10 updates for your second hand house.

by - September 25, 2018

Are you interested in buying a home on your own but buying a newly developed house would be too expensive and you could not afford to buy one yet. Fret not, second hand house could be a good choice as well. There are many
houses in Singapore for sale, such as apartment in City Plaza for sale. Many people would see second hand house as being old and would much prefer buying a new house. However, you could apply some updates for your second hand house if you plan to buy one without major renovations that would break your wallet. I will guide you through some of the updates that your house would need.

1.      New carpet
First of all, replace the carpet with a new carpet. A carpet will normally have an estimated of 10 years life expectancy, depending on type of carpet and other factors such as number of family members in the house and pets.

If you notice any wear and tear, stains or odors, it is a sign that you should buy a new carpet and replace the old one. If a carpet is over your budget, consider getting a rug instead. A beautiful rug can beautify the whole living room and it does not have to cost a fortune.

2.      New water tank
Check on the water tank to see if there is any leaking. You definitely will not want to wait until it leaks before you decide to get a new hot water tank. Hence, check on the manufacture date or the serial number of the tank to determine its age. As a rule of thumb, a water tank that has been around for approximately 10 years should be replaced.

3.      Ceiling fans
A ceiling fan will normally last approximately 10 years. If you have just bought a second hand house, do consider replacing the old ceiling fans with new ceiling fans. Furthermore, with many new models of ceiling fan out there in the market, you can always take your time to choose the right ceiling fans for your house.

4.      Dishwasher
If there is a built in dishwasher, check if there is any crack in it. Or if the dishwasher is no longer carrying out its purpose of cleaning the dishes, do consider investing in a new dishwasher.

With so many new energy efficient models out there, you can consider investing in one and save on the electricity bills in the future.

5.      Garbage disposal
A garbage disposal is commonly found in the United States household and it is an electrical powered device installed under the kitchen sink, between the drain and the trap. Its main purpose is to shred food wastes intro small pieces to pass through plumbing.

If you have a garbage disposal installed, you should replace it with a new one if you notice the blades are dull and no longer working well.

6.      New washing machine and dryer
Both the washing machine and dryer have a life span of approximate 8 years. If the washing machine and dryer are more than 10 years, it is time to buy a set of new washing machine and dryer for hygiene purpose.

7.      Repaint the house
Repaint the house with colors that suit your liking. There are many painting shops around and they could even give you tips on which paint to use on different area such as the outdoors and the indoors. They might even suggest you with colors that will brighten up your house and make it looks as if your house is new.

Therefore, you should start cleaning your house and choose the right color for it. After all, the color of your house will play an important role in enhancing your mood and make your home more livable.

8.      Re-cault the bathrooms
If your second hand house has been around for more than 10 years, you should re-cault the bathtub, the showers and the sinks. It is an easy job and can be done easily to make everything looks better and brighter.

Re-caulking the bathroom yourself is definitely a cheaper option as compared to replacing your bathtub with a new one, which would normally cost a bomb.

9.      Glaze the windows
Glaze the windows. It is a cost effective and easy job as compared to replacing the windows with new ones. Window treatments will bring light into a room and brighten up your space.
In addition, you should also check if there is any leak or crack as well.

In conclusion, you do not need to have a big budget to create a stylish home. There are many updates that could be done easily without spending a fortune on major renovations for your second hand house. Small updates like the above will be sufficient to make your house looking new like those newly developed houses, and most importantly, it is affordable.

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