What Else You can do at Negeri Sembilan Other Than Port Dickson?

by - September 06, 2018

What Else You can do at Negeri Sembilan Other Than Port Dickson?
Only BeachSide and BeachSide?
No More!
Now You Can Cruise around, running around Ostrich, watch Negeri Sembilan culture dance and more to explore...

Thanks To MITA (Malaysia Inbound Travel Association) to invite me for this time B2B Networking at Negeri Sembilan, I am really Eye Opener to Negeri Sembilan Now with about 40+- Travel Agents Around.

➤ Dickson Dragon 

Activities to enjoy while sailing with Dickson Dragon:
🏊🏻Salt Water Jacuzzi
🎧Sound system
😎Laser and Disco lights 
🥓BBQ Grill.

I going to confirmed that:
You going to love this cruise !!
You Will Be OOTD Non-Stop like Me!
Posing like a Socialites Here and There!

Online booking: https://platinumcharters.com.my/
Call: +6012-900 8200
WhatsApp: https://goo.gl/GzqgDT
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/dicksondragon/

➤ Ostrich & Pets  Show Farm

some of them are very interesting activities is
You get to run with the ostrich!
You get to stand on the ostrich's Egg!
You get to feed & get photos with ostrich.

Other than Ostrich, There got Pets Feeding
Like this 3 months Old Lamb...
You get to hug them and feed them like a baby!
Need to overcome your phobia, then you will be enjoying all the activities here!

Address: Lot 1419, Jalan Kemang 13, Batu 9 Jalan Pantai Teluk Kemang (69.93 km)

71050 Port Dickson
Call: +6018-207 8682

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pdostrichshowfarm/

➤ PD Dream World Upside Down & 3D

As You Know Nowadays EveryTime Traveling with Kids,
You always wanted to take all the funny photos and share on Social Media.
Now is your time to do it at PD Dream World Upside Down & 3D..

I am Sure Kids will Love It....
Even Me Myself Wants to Take It Every Single One!
And Show to My Friends!
So Catchy Right!

Address: Ground Floor No 21G,Jalan Remis 2,Medan Remis (68.17 km)

71050 Port Dickson
Call: +6012-900 8200
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pdupsidedown/

➤ Colour's of Negeri Sembilan
Colour's Of Negeri Sembilan is the place to watch all the Chinese, Malay, Indian, Sabah, Sarawak Dances.
Not Only Dance, But Negeri Sembilan Indonesia Minangkabau Song and some Malay Oldies all sang by the talents.

It's very interactive and fun during Colour's of Negeri Sembilan!
You get to selected by the dancer and dance along with them!

Drop By Every Tuesday & Saturday From 11am to 12pm Here to catch up the culture performance.

Address : Auditorium Raja Melewar, Kompleks Jabatan Kebudayaan Kesenian Negara (JKKN), Negeri Sembilan, West Malaysia

Call: Mr Saiful +6019-7552424 & Ms Farah +6012-9245979
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kkjn9/

➤ NS Galleria Chocolate World

No Joke, NS Galleria Chocolate World's Chocolate So Yummy and Delicious!
They even have a hands-on workshop for group and kids, you get to do your own chocolate with experience chocolatier, by appointment!

They Are also doing Customize for Wedding Favors, and Gift Pack too!
Must Come here If You wants some Chocolate Craving when you are at Negeri Sembilan.

Address : Lembaga Muzium Negeri Sembilan, Jalan Sungai Ujong (46.91 km)
70200 Seremban (City)
Call: +6017-267 3215
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/chocolatesales/

All Places I mentioned above, You Never Been To Right?
Okay, Time to Explore Negeri Sembilan Again !!

Or You Have Any more Interesting Places at Negeri Sembilan to Share with Me ???

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