repurpose your content in Your Blog

by - May 02, 2019

Wondering How to Get Active in Blog?
Do you find yourself spending a TON of time thinking of ways to create epic new content?

So, here are a few of my all-time favourite ways to repurpose your content….
1. Turn your blog post into…Facebook Live or Instagram Live.
A lot of people never host Facebook Live or Instagram Story videos because they’re stumped on what to talk about. So why not use one of your blog posts as the foundation for what you would say in a video broadcast?
If you’re worried about people seeing the same topic on your blog and in video, remember: people tend to enjoy consuming information in either written or video format, so you probably have people in your audience who would rather watch a video than read your blog post and vice versa. And if you’re going live, you can answer questions to add more variety!
2. Turn your blog post into…an Instagram post.
Oh, you thought Instagram was just a place to post pretty pictures? Think again, friend! While it is a great place to share beautiful visual content, it’s also ALL about the captions! So in addition to your usual Instagram content, I’d also encourage you to infuse tips from your blog into some of your Instagram posts, too. Pull out specific points from your blog post and turn it into a digestible Instagram caption to go along with a beautiful photo.
3. Turn your blog post into…a webinar.
Webinars typically lead into your paid content and products as a way to make sales. But much of what you’d teach during a 60-minute webinar probably already exists in the free content you’ve published elsewhere, such as on your blog!
If you’re looking to turn a blog post into a webinar, the process is simple. Create an outline with the main points and sub-points (inspired by your blog post), then turn those sub-points into different slides in your presentation. Add an introduction and a pitch at the end and voila! You have the bones of your webinar.
4. Turn a series of blog posts into...a paid online course.
Did you know you can repurpose some of your free content into paid content? Think about it — your free content, like blog posts, will only be the first 10-20% of what someone needs to know in order to see massive success with your strategies. The first 10-20% could yield small wins for your audience (and should!), but the other 80% that is only offered in your paid e-course will allow them to see bigger results more quickly or will provide more information on your topic. Make sense?
If you’re a blogger, then e-courses are my #1 suggestion if you want to monetize your website. They lend perfectly to blogging, since you’re already sharing useful information that can easily be reshaped and expanded into an online course!
(By the way, I explain this whole “how to create and sell online courses” thing inside my free Blog to Biz Bootcamp. :) Sign up here!)
5. Turn your blog post into…a podcast episode.
Here’s a cool idea: what if you used all your old, juicy blog posts, and turned them into 10-minute podcast episodes? Since the blog content is already created, all you have to do is just teach the same thing in an audio format. Easy!
Again, people generally aren’t going to consume ALL of the content you create, especially if it’s in different formats. This allows you to reach people who prefer to read their content, as well as people who prefer to listen to it. Win-win!
6. Turn your blog post into…an email to your subscribers.
Do you ever feel like you have NO idea what to say to your email subscribers? Repurposing blog content is a great place to start! Remember — just because someone is on your email list doesn’t mean they read every blog post you publish, watch every video you share, or listen to every podcast you record.
To repurpose a blog post into an email, pick the main points and condense it! You could also use your email newsletter as a way to send people to your blog articles. Add a few mini paragraphs about the importance of a topic, get your subscribers curious, then offer them more by giving them the link to your blog post, which goes into more depth on the topic.

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