Beauty of Lingga Regency -Must Visit Places at Daik

by - July 10, 2019

After Sharing Dabo Singkep  , now i going to share with you all the Beauty of Lingga Regency - Daik, the motherland of Malay (Strong Believe in Islam) which very similar to Malaysia.
Daik is The Capital of  Lingga Regency..

• Daik Linggam Cahaya

The Linggam Cahaya Museum is located in the Riau Archipelago precisely in Daik, Lingga District, 
a museum that is worth a visit, especially if you have a student who are interested in history. Can come directly to this museum. 

• Daik Damnah Palace (lunch serving)

Here is the Museum Damnah Palace located at Daik Lingga.

You can visit there as to understand Their palace at Daik,

You even can have Lunch like Us and Posing like a King and Queen in the hall.

• Daik Rumah Tekat Tudung Manto

The building of the Rumah Tekat Tudung Manto in Daik Lingga was completed and was handed over to the typical Malay embroidery craft business in Daik Lingga.The building brings hope for the sustainability of the headgear fabric of the Lingga-Riau Malay tradition which has now become the archipelago's cultural heritage.

Said Asy'ari, Head of Daik said that the Manto Hooded House in Mentok Village was named Halimah. Because, the building that was built through PKKPM funds from the Ministry of Village, was on the ground of a grant from the Datok Bandar family, one of the officials of the Lingga-Riau Sultanate.

• Daik Air Terjun Resun

Air Terjun Resun(Resun Waterfall) is one of dozens of waterfalls on Lingga Island. 
You will feel relaxed and Chilling at Waterfall.. The Daik island that offers millions of charms does have a complete package,

From the start of beautiful beaches, exotic coral reefs, challenging mountains and forests, to extraordinary cultures and histories, everything is there At Daik Island, Lingga Regency.

• Daik Sultan Mosque ( Oldest Mosque at Riau Islands

  The Jami Sultan Lingga Mosque is a complex with the tomb of Sultan Mahmud Syah III, which is precisely behind or the west side of the mosque. 

Mosques and tombs have been designated by the Indonesian government as cultural heritage in 2007.

So Which is your favorite places you want to visit at Daik Lingga that i share with you?
Next i going to share with you all how to go Batam to Lingga Dabo Singkep & Daik. 

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