Get Your Healthy Poke Bowl at Fitlicious Uptown Damansara

by - October 07, 2019

Today I Going to Tell You, How To Be Healthier with Yummy & Healthy Poke Bowl at  Fitlicious Uptown Damansara as Fitlicious's main aim of its establishment is to ensure Malaysians have a healthy and wholesome meal.

Yes, All You Need to Do is Let Go Your Favorite Malaysian Food (Nasi Lemak, Curry Laksa, Roti Canai) And Change to Healthy & Delicious Fitlicious Uptown Damansara Poke Bowl.

Don't Always Think That Eat Clean that tasteless/flavorless
NO, NO, NO!!!
You will change your mind when you step into Fitlicious Uptown Damansara & Starts Your Mix & Match Poke Bowl
Step by Step To Make Your Perfect Fitlicious Poke Bowl: 

Step 1: Choose Your 1 x Base (Multi Grains, White Rice, Brown Rice & etc)
Step 2: Choose Your 1 x Protein (Prawn, Salmon, Chicken, Dory Fish or Vegetarian)
Step 3: Choose Your 4 x Vegetables (Purple Cabbage, Carrots, Kimchi, Brocolli, Slices Cucumber and etc,)

Step 4: Choose Your 1 x Topping (Almond, Walnut, Sunflower Seeds, Raisins and etc.)
Step 5: Choose Your 1 x Dressing/Sauce (Ceasar Salad, Roasted Sesame, Hot Spicy, Olive Oil, Thousand Island, Sesame Soy Sauce)
Final Step 6: Choose 1 x Herb/Spice to Enhance Your Poke Bowl...

Mummy made Her Own Poke Bowl at Fitlicious Uptown Damansara First Time Even In Her Life.
She Loves Mix All Kinds of Vegetables To make it colorful, Enjoy it Happily.

Salmon that is rich in Omega-3 is undoubtedly the brain food to prevent amnesia.
Chicken is rich with iron and protein for bodybuilder for those to eat clean.Dory Fish for those who are wish to keep lean always.

Fitlicious Uptown Damansara offers a healthier alternative as we have a wide range of food to cater for every daily need.
For those who doing Keto Diet , You are more than happy to eat at Fitlicious Uptown Damansara, As they offer more than 10 kinds of vegetables/fruits to subsidize with your protein(Rice)

Even My Parents First Time Trying Poke Bowl, They APPROVED it with Thumbs Up!
They Said Is Very Healthy Meals & Very Yummy,
They Even Called it "Ang Mo Salad Mixed Rice" Hahaha...

~  Fitlicious【Uptown Damansara】~
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Get Your Healthy Poke Bowl at Fitlicious Uptown Damansara with friends & Families this Weekend...
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【Fitlicious】Uptown Damansara
Address:  41, Jalan SS 21/1A, Damansara Utama, 47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 0 17-886 8202 / 03-7494 4976
Operation Hours: 10am-10pm (Mon-Sun)


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