Whitekish Magic Charcoal is Coffee Lover Saver!

by - November 25, 2020

Today I Going to Review That "Whitekish Magic Charcoal" That Have Whitening, Cleaning Teeth and Mouth Effect by Using Japan Technology.

Activated charcoal is showing up in face masks, ice cream, pill capsules, and more. 
Research has shown that it has natural properties that allow it to absorb toxins, and it's been claimed to absorb surface stains on teeth to naturally whiten smiles and improve oral health, though the research on this is still inconclusive.

I regularly consume coffee and tea, which can stain teeth, so I decided to give activated charcoal a chance because I heard Activated charcoal can be made from materials rich in carbon, including coconut and nut shells, wood, and bones.

What's The Ingredients of "Whitekish Magic Charcoal"?
Active Charcoal From the natural resources its from coconut shell, without chemical ingredients that helps for whitening & cleaning teeth and mouth by absorbing bacteria and food chemical overall. 

Benefit of  "Whitekish Magic Charcoal" :
1. For Teeth Whitening
2. Get Rid of The Bacteria Cause of the Bad Breath.
3. Effectively removes the coral in the toothpick especially the smoker
4. Neutralizer ph. of mouth 
5. No materials corrosive (peroxide)
6. Effective as early as 1 month usage.

Wendy's Tips OF Using "Whitekish Magic Charcoal": 
if you're considered using "Whitekish Magic Charcoal" activated charcoal powder for your teeth, I recommend getting a tiny spoon to dip into the powder to minimize the messiness.

Wendy's Personal True Review About "Whitekish Magic Charcoal": 
I personally love "Whitekish Magic Charcoal" fine texture wont hurts my teeth and gum, I using it everyday twice for the first week, Still, doing this daily wasn't great, so by the end of the first week, I decided to cut back and apply the "Whitekish Magic Charcoal" only twice a week that I set it on Wednesday & Saturday.
it seemed that after every use my teeth looked a little whiter. 
Although activated charcoal can't change the color of your teeth the way bleaching can, it does seem to help absorb surface stains.

Overall, using "Whitekish Magic Charcoal" for your teeth is worthwhile. Talk to your dentist first, because it can erode your enamel and cause pain and sensitivity, and I recommend rubbing it on to your teeth with their own super soft brush rather than your normal toothbrush.

Funny Parts of  "Whitekish Magic Charcoal": 
This process is definitely messy, but when done with caution, it definitely yields results worth bragging about.

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