Taiwan Excellence Joining World Congress on IT (WCIT) 2020 at Malaysia Via Smart Taiwan Virtual Pavilion

by - November 18, 2020

Taiwan Excellence Joining World Congress on IT (WCIT) 2020 at Malaysia Via Smart Taiwan Virtual Pavilion For A Better Future & Better Lifestyle!

After almost two decades, Malaysia is once again playing host to the WCIT in 2020 with the theme “The Gateway to Southeast Asia”. However, due to the ongoing Covid-19 global pandemic, the Penang State Government that is hosting the event has decided to switch to a full-featured online exhibition that includes keynote speeches and forums to create a healthy environment for building co-operations.

As You Know Because Of Pandemic Covid-19 Recently Around The World, Malaysia Still in MCO that affected the international exhibition/fair like World Congress on IT, but no worries for all of us to understand and know about Taiwan manufacturing products at Taiwan Excellence - Smart Taiwan Virtual Pavilion

What's Taiwan Excellence?
Taiwan Excellence has long symbolized the epitome of Taiwanese manufacturing. Products bearing this mark of excellence is recognized globally for their quality. With that, Taiwan Excellence will join the upcoming World Congress on IT (WCIT) from November 18th to 20th and showcase 22 information and communication technology solutions from 14 leading hi-tech companies in a bid to foster stronger business opportunities.

What's W
orld Congress on IT (WCIT)?

WCIT is one of the most important information technology events in the world and is often referred to as the Olympics of ICT. Hosted by the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) in a different country each year, the exhibition attracts participants from industries, governments, and academia from around the world. Taiwan has previously played host to the event in year 2000 and 2017, while Armenia was the host for 2019.

Virtual Reality Paves the Way to Real World Business Synergies

Taiwan, being one of the global powerhouses in the ICT industry, will use a 360-degree panoramic technology to build a 3D Smart Taiwan Virtual Reality Pavilion. To fully demonstrate the innovative solutions of Taiwan's ICT technology, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has 37 outstanding Taiwanese manufacturers in various fields, including 14 Taiwan Excellence awarded-winning brands to jointly present four major areas: Contactless Economy, Smart Living, Smart Retail, and Startup. In addition, there will also be B2B matching areas and online forums to create international business opportunities for Taiwanese businesses.

Mr. James C.F. Huang, Chairman of TAITRA, is scheduled to give an online keynote speech at 4.20pm on the 18th of November on the topic “Beyond COVID: Technology as Vaccines for Business” where he will discuss how this global pandemic has accelerated global digitalization and calls for companies to transition effectively to a more robust business model through the mastery of new technologies and digital tools to immunize themselves for the future.

Smart Products, Smarter Living

To provide visitors with a glimpse of the future of digital technologies in action,  Taiwan Excellence will be centered around the theme of “Smart Connectivity, Smart Living” showcasing products and solutions from its exhibitors including those by industry juggernauts such as Apacer’s industrial-grade smart remote monitoring software; conferencing systems designed for mid to large scale meetings by Aver; In Win’s stylists gaming cases; Transcend’s shockproof and waterproof portable SSD solutions; as well as network storage solutions and switches by IEI X QNap. Other innovative products include the world’s first industrial grade integrated switch that offers unprecedented level of compatibility by PLANET; as well as the Hyperfluorescence PMOLED Display by WiseChip.

Visitors can also browse smart living solutions such as the VAGO portable vacuum device by Big Good Design; the commercial hood dishwasher from G-Winner; the Bubblingplus-Surprise beverage maker from Her Sheng Chang; the water-propelled massager from In-Trust Technology; the Vinaera automated aeration machine by Mercuries; the Arofly cycling computer with a built-in analytics function by TBS Group; and disinfectant device series by Eleclean.

How Can I Visit Taiwan Excellence Online? 

You are welcomed to visit Smart Taiwan Virtual Pavilion at: https://booth.cisa.tw/

Taiwan Excellence is the mark of assurance awarded to products and firms that are built upon trusted quality, are innovative, have undergone rigorous testing, and adopted outstanding marketing strategies. Only the best products each year will pass the stringent selection and be awarded the coveted mark of excellence. The results for the 29th Taiwan Excellence have already been announced and consumers can enjoy first-hand experience of some of these products at this year’s WCIT

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