Subang Jaya Medical Centre - Health Screening Experience

by - January 20, 2021

I am currently in my mid-30s. This has alerted me to get healthy & fit to live longer. So, I know a full-body health screening is the first thing I need to do instead of the usual blood test that I do annually. 

Then, I discovered Subang Jaya Medical Centre has a health screening centre & read all details at their official website which offers many kinds of health check-up packages to understand more:

In the end,  I chose the Female Premium Package screening which includes pap test & breast ultrasound that is suitable for a married woman in her 30s like me. 

Do you agree that a comfortable environment & friendly staffs, doctors & dietitians are very important to help us calm down & relax during the health check-Up?  

Yes! Lucky me, at Subang Jaya Medical Centre, the doctors, dietitian and staffs are all very friendly! Most of the health tests I did was my first time. Yes, I was nervous/shy like a little girl LOL. They helped me to calm down & I felt more comfortable to proceed with the check-up. 

My favourite part about the health screening was that all the tests are done on the same level without having to run around... Your heartbeat will stay normal from time to time!!

So all you need to do before the check-up is, firstly, fast for 8 hours before the health screening, then just stay calm & continue your health screening here session by session! 

My first unique and fun experience was the Stress Test! By running and speeding on the treadmill for 10 mins, I can know how fast my heartbeat was going! I almost run out of breath for this! hahaha!!

My Subang Jaya Medical Centre - Female Premium Package screening includes all the tests as below :

✅Comprehensive Medical History
✅Anthropometry (BMI, WH Ratio)
✅Snellen’s Visual Acuity Test
✅Physical Examination by Health Screening Doctor
✅Post Examination Review and Consultation with Health Screening Doctor
✅Resting ECG
✅Chest X-Ray
✅Lung Function Test
✅Hepatitis A, B & C Screening
✅Rheumatoid Factor
✅CA 19-9
✅CA 15-3
✅CA 125
✅Bone Mineral Density 2 Parts*
✅Pap Test
✅Breast Ultrasound or Mammogram
✅Stress Test
✅Abdomen & Pelvis Ultrasound
✅Nutritional & Body Fat Assessment
✅Dental Screening
✅General Screening Profile – Regular (Blood & Urine Tests)
✅Health Screening Report
✅Complimentary Meal

My personal advice is to wear loose clothes & sports bra when you come here for the health screening at Subang Jaya Medical Centre because you will be required to take off clothes for some tests such as x-ray and ultrasound procedures. 

After I was done with all the tests and awaits for my health screening result, I got to enjoy my first meal of the day after fasting for 8 hours !! Yahoo! 

Then, I proceeded to consult with doctor & dietitian. After this, I will definitely take more care of my health by following dietitian and doc's advice to live healthy & fit.

* Reduce Sugar Intake
** Drink More Water
* Do More Workout
** Reduce Meats, More Vegetable Intake...
* Reduce Caffeine Intake

It's time!
Let's get your annual health screening test here at Subang Jaya Medical Centre. 
Stay Healthy & Stay Safe EveryOne! 
Love You !!

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