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Happy New Year ❤️
Are You Struggling with Maskne / Menstrual Breakouts / Environment Breakouts 
Want to Soothe Your BreakOut / Sensitive Skin?
Want to Restore Your Dehydrated Skin?

Yes to One of it? 
Than You At The Right Place!
Today I Going to Introduce You SNP CICARONIC RANGE That Soothe & Restore Your Skin At The Same Time!

As You Can See My Skin Condition Before and After Using SNP CICARONIC RANGE For A Week, 
My Skin Is Glowing & My Redness & Acne Are Subsidised As It is..

Why the name of Cicaronic?
Centella asiatICA + hyaluRONIC = CICARONIC
This range is containing the exclusive SNP ingredient, 
the patented CICA-TRIO complex has been carefully crafted with sensitive skin types in mind.
With the high content of Tiger Grass (Centella Asiatica), this line is intended to help soothe and restore tired and sensitive skin for faster, stronger, recovery.
The addition of TRIPLE layered plus high-molecular hyaluronic acid helps maintain skin moisture normally lost through evaporation.

SNP CICARONIC RANGE Daily Routine As Below:

I like is quite a Big Volume 180ml for longer periods Usage, as only need a pea sized to wash the whole face. 
SNP Cicaronic Cleansing Foam's Creamy Texture Makes My Skin Moistured.. 

Now You can Say Goodbye to Cotton Pad By Using SNP CICARONIC TONING ESSENCE!
All you need to do is Pour, Pat on the skin, It's Helps to Soothe, Hydrate Maintaining Skin Balance. 

I Like How It SNP CICARONIC SOS AMPOULE Absorb to My Skin Almost Immediately after I Applied After SNP CICARONIC Toning Essence. 

My Personal Advise For This Ampoule is Break it With Tissue Gentle with some push...

My Current Must Have In My Makeup bag and not only at my Vanity Table!

Yes, The Reason I keep SNP CICARONIC Soothing Cream in my makeup bag, I used it as my make up primer before touch up my own foundation/Sunscreen. I feel SNP CICARONIC Soothing Cream Calmed Down My Skin Whenever/Wherever I Go...

When I got Products Shooting The Next Day, I will put on SNP CICARONIC DAILY MASK For 10-20mins, Soothe & Hydrate My Skin Overnight,
Until Next Day I Wake Up. Tadah! Glowing No More Dullness, Put On Make Up Easily Without Cakey/Too Dry 

SNP CICARONIC RANGE is exclusively available at Guardian Malaysia!
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