Usher Hari Raya with Free Delivery and Discounts Up to 50% off

by - April 12, 2023

Order your favourite Ramadhan and Hari Raya dishes with ease as ShopeeFood brings you a variety of special dishes for you and the family. With great discounts and free delivery throughout the Ramadan-Raya season, you can focus your efforts on preparing for the rest of the celebrations without worrying about what-to-eat. 

Get started right here with some unique offers from our awesome ShopeeFood merchants:
● TEXAS CHICKEN’s Ayam 8Lada Promo - Indulge in an explosive combination of 8
powerful peppers that is guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and deliver an
extraordinary spicy sensation!
● KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS’ Ole-Ole Raya Package - Satisfy your cravings with the
creamy and buttery sauces of Kenny Rogers Roasters Buttermilk Pedas, infused with a
tantalizing hint of spiciness that is sure to leave you hooked.
● CHATIME’s Ramadhan Golden Fresh Mango Series - Start your iftar on a refreshing note with Chatime’s Golden Fresh Mango series featuring Sakur pearls and sago that surely satisfy your thirst.

● MARRY BROWN’s Riang Ramadan Raya Special - Spice up your appetite with a burst
of aromatic local spices in every bite of Marrybrown’s Riang Ramadan Special.

● A&W’s Jom Buka Meal - Experience the ultimate flavor explosion with A&W’s new go-tomenu, perfectly crispy and coated with spicy Daebak sauce. If you love a little heat, this is the perfect choice for you. Come and enjoy the K-Pop of flavors at A&W!
That’s not all as ShopeeFood brings you Mid Month Sales with ONE-day only!

We also got you covered for Hari Raya. Check out these Raya friendly brands to provide youwith better convenience:

● EDEN SATAY PANTAI DALAM’s Satay -Savor the delightful blend of distinct flavors thatmerge to form a delectable and gratifying sensation, infused with aromatic species,char-grilled meat, and peanut sauce.

● PAK ALI NASI LEMAK DAU PISANG’s Rendang - Indulge in the intense and intricate flavor profile of rendang, as the beef or chicken is slow-cooked to perfection, absorbing all the aromatic spices and herbs. The result is a deeply satisfying and flavorful dish that
is sure to please even the most refined taste.

● SEDAP MALAM SATION’s Asam Pedas - Asam pedas offers a distinctive and intricate
flavor profile with a blend of sour, spicy, and savory flavors, coupled with a fragrant and
earthy aroma that will leave a lasting impression.

● ALI, MUTHU & AH HOCK’S Lontong - If you’re in the mood for traditional dishes, look no further than lontong! This simple but satisfying dish is enjoyed throughout the region, with its mild and comforting flavor and soft, chewy texture making it a popular comfort food to many.

● LEMANG PANAS’ Lemang - Lemang is cooked in a bamboo tube, the combination of glutinous rice and coconut milk to create a flavorful and visually impressive dish that is sure to impress!

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