JOJO彩妆套刷8件套 JOJO Brushes Set

by - July 01, 2009


Package includes:
A set of JOJO Brushes Set / JOJO Make Up Pouch.
Recommended by beauty teacher Kevin in 女人我最大 show.

Use daily skin cleanser or mild shampoo solution to clean the brushes. Reshape and wipe it with a clean towel immediately after cleaning and allow them to dry. Make sure that the brushes are thoroughly dry before using again.

Consists of
- 1 powder brush
- 1 blusher brush
- 1 blusher fan-shaped brush
- 2 eyeshadow brushes
- 1 eyebrow brush
- 1 angled brush
- 1 lip brush

Made of
Pure natural animal hair

25×19cm (when opened out), 10×19cm when folded/closed

- Daily maintenance of brushes : After usage, brush the cosmetics residue away on facial/tissue papers
- Weekly maintenance of brushes : Soak the brush into mild warm soap water. Use yr fingers to wash in the direction of the brush hair. Wash off the soap in cold water. U can use hair conditioner to wash it to make the brush softer. Use facial wipes/tissue papers to absorb the water. Leave it on a towel and arrange the fur to let it dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer or put under the sun to dry faster as it will damage the brush fur.

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