Mc Donals d - FInally i had finish my Collection on Mc Digital !

by - August 22, 2010

 finally i had finish my collection on Mc Digital!
it takes 3 week to finish it, actual picture to be up soon! it is very nice to waiting one by one to come out,
the feeling is very funny and good, for my DD, he will say, he wan to stop eating Mc Donald for awhile!

believe wua ! it wont last long in this phase! as i love MCD fries! 
when a girl like to have a light meal at Mc Donald, then u can choose the Happy Meal for ur lunch /Dinner as it is same price as RM5.95. the portion is smaller on Drink, fries with toys as well,
REMEMBER not to take the Happy Meal box for environment friendly ya!!!

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