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by - November 01, 2010

Updates : I found out this great tutorial from Shoppinglifestyle.

Granted, rocking a pair of denim may not be rocket science, but it does come with its own set of fashion formulas (or rules, if you will). And here are the 8 dos and don'ts to getting it right.

1. Do invest in a pair of dark jeans

They're slimming, classic and never goes out of style. Best of all, they're versatile and can be dressed up or down for just about every occasion: Pair with a simple tank for a casual weekend, or glam it up with a feminine blouse, a tailored blazer and dressy pumps (like Zoe Saldana) for something more formal.

2. Don't join the muffin club

The dreaded "muffin top" effect is caused by a pair of jeans with a waistband that is too tight and too low. When your tummy spilleth over, you know you're a member of the muffin camp. (Yikes!) The fix: Shop for a new pair of denim with a moderate rise that sits comfortably just below your belly button. (Try on different jeans to find the perfect fit -- don't just rely on the size label.)

3. Do try washed denim

Black may be slimming, but saturated dark-wash jeans aren't the only way to disguise wide hips and chunky thighs. With strategically placed whiskering and bleaching, a pair of distressed denim can be equally flattering and shapely. Not to mention they're sexy in a grunge way.

4. Don't show your g-string

If there's one faux pas every woman should avoid, it's revealing your undies. (Hello, Lindsay!) What's up with the whale tails or flaunting your bikini bottoms? They were never in vogue, anyway!

5. Do try jeggings

If you're a fan of skinny jeans, give jeggings a try -- they're like skinny jeans with the comfy stretch of leggings. Jeggings look every bit as sexy, but has more give for you to move and eat without you feeling like you're bursting. Check out online store ASOS.com, which sells a wide variety of jegging styles. We'd vote for them to be a staple style, anytime.


6. Don't overdo it

Dig the torn, distressed look a la Cameron Diaz? Rock the edgy style with small slashed accents. It's easy to be scissors-happy and cut out huge holes -- a big DON'T! Similarly, if you like embellishments, subtle trimmed details along the pockets is fine. Anything more just makes you look like a fashion victim. Think simple -- not OTT -- when it comes to jeans (or any other clothing for that matter). Remember, less is always more.

7. Do choose the right length

Put your best leg forward! The perfect length can make your pins look long and slender. You should take your footwear into consideration: If you're wearing heels, choose hems that hit the top of your instep to extend your leg line. Steer clear from jeans that are too short.

8. Do pick the right style for your body type

Trends come and go, but something that looks good on you is timeless. Listen to your body shape -- not fashion magazines. Some figure-flattering tips:

  • The classic boot-cut jeans (as seen on Sarah Jessica Parker) with a slight flare below the knees flatters most women.
  • If you're petite (shorter than 5'4"), straight legs are more flattering than boot-cut because the latter can make your thighs look heavier.
  • Unless you're blessed with a supermodel figure, skinny jeans look best when teamed with a long top or tunic.
  • If you have a long torso or short legs, stay away from super low-waist jeans.
  • "Mom jeans" makes the hips, stomach and butt look larger than life. 3 words: Throw them out.


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