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by - February 09, 2011

Create your own scent

Step into the Ajmal Store and create that perfect perfume for you and your loved this Valentine’s and stand a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Langkawi!
There are definitely certain things that add a little more 'va-va-voom' to a loving relationship and perfumes are one of them. Associated with el­egance, sophistication, personality and character; perfumes are known to have created and influenced human emotions since ancient times.
Different fragrances evoke differ­ent reactions in different people; de­pending on their aromatic memories, personal tastes, cultural backgrounds and their experiences.
This Valentines, capture those mag­ical memories and win hearts with a lasting gift that will leave your loved one speechless. Encapsulate the mo­ment when you first set your eyes on her or when you asked her to marry you and capture it in a bottle of fra­grance which not only asserts their personality but signifies your love together. With so many fragrances to choose from, you are spoilt for choice and left with the age-old question of where to start.
Creating a perfume requires look­ing at over 200 different ingredients to experiment with and having sound knowledge on the complex processes of mixing the proportions perfectly. Luckily, there are perfumers that help you create the perfect blend of in­gredients; giving individuals that sig­nature scent that they leave in their wake.
One such perfumer is Abdulla Aj­mal, executive director of Ajmal Per­fumes. Venture out to the 'My Inspira­tion' counter in the Ajmal store at the Pavilion Shopping Centre, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, and you will soon learn that there is an intri­cate combination of art and science involved in the creation process of a fragrance.
There are a variety of fragrance in­tensities to understand - which ones have the most potent scents, which ones are spicier, which ones have high volatilities and which ones have lesser volatilities. The perfumer will also ask you the kind of impression you want to make - whether you want a scent that empowers the room the minute
you walk in or whether you want one that is diffuses more subtly.
Once your ingredients have been selected, the 'educational' session continues with a brief on the kind of combinations that work, the different smells of the base, middle and top notes.
You will then be asked to se­lect between a concentrate or a spray; where the concentrate is a smaller undiluted version; whilst the spray is a diluted version of the selected in­gredients with cologne. All you need to do from then on is witness your special gift be born -a 'My Inspiration' fragrance you can say that belongs to you and your loved one.
Ajmal will then present you with a 'My Inspiration' serial code and record your fragrance proportions, one that is exclusive only to the both of you. There will never be a combination of ingredients the same for anyone else.
"Creating a perfume is like creat­ing a beautiful musical piece. Like composers that need to know how to combine notes into chords in order to bring beautiful music to our ears; per­fumers need to know how to select from the hundreds of different ingre­dients to combine them into a per­fectly, put-together fragrance," shared Abdulla Ajmal, executive director and Perfumist at Ajmal Perfumes.
Ajmal Perfumes, a family-owned fragrance house based in Dubai, is a brand name with a rich history of over sixty years in the fragrance industry, the Ajmal brand has long been asso­ciated to captivating perfumes and fragrance products, now distributed all over the world.
Through its state-of-the-art technology and decades of continuous research and experience in the art and technique of extracting pure oils from natural substances; you know your new-born fragrance has been made by only the best of the best.
To add on to that special exclusive feeling, Abdulla Ajmal will be making a special ap­pearance at the Aj­mal store in conjunction with the upcoming Valen­tine's Day, to help capture beauti­ful memories by creating signature perfumes, valued at RM500 for lucky cou­ples; con­cocting 'My Inspiration' fra­grances that belongs only to them.
The Ajmal store will also be giving fans and customers the chance to win some fabulous Ajmal gifts and prod­ucts as well as an all-expense paid trip for two to the islands of Langkawi with their 'Ajmal Wishing Fountain' compe­tition.
Make a purchase of RM100 and over and you will get a chance to win exciting Ajmal products daily or an all-expense paid 3 Days, 2 nights trip to the beautiful islands of Langkawi! With a sensuous gift idea in mind and a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to Langkawi, all you need to think about now is which restaurant would be the best place to have a candle-lit dinner!
Abdulla Ajmal will be available at the Ajmal store from February 9 to February 13 only. To reserve your spots or to find out more information about Ajmal Perfumes 'My Inspiration' retail concept, call 03-21441533 or 03-21443633.
Thanks to Advertlets for inviting me to this event .

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