Etude House Haul!

by - March 26, 2011

Oh my god!
never expect I got my 2nd Etude House haul during their GP sales.
1st i asked my FB Etude House BA Nic to reserve 3 tube of LuciDarling BB Cake, i understand it is selling like hot cake, it makes my skin flawless and glowing with this.
1 x White O2 Mask. after seeing alot of Friends, bloggers are raved on this product, so i give it a try. 50% off  . only Rm20+ only. cant wait to use it and get brighter skin!
1 x Minime Solid Perfume - Miss Hot. this solid perfume got a very special scent like tropical is sense of the outlook of the solid perfume as well. Hawaii, Bikini, Tanned Skin, * same as my character *
2 x Mask package - 3 type of mask(Hydro,Natural, Essence) in sales on 5 for RM12, i still fall in love with Essence Mask.
Yeah i got the sauna Set Finally! RM150 and above only get the sauna set, consist of 1x peeling wash, 1xbody shower, 1xbody lotion , 4x mask.

enjoy your weekend!

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