Have you ever received a 10++kg Hamper?

by - July 28, 2011

Have you ever received a 10++kg Hamper?

Yes, I did!!!
I received the hamper from Charles Worthington!

This is the prizes/hamper I won the Charles Worthington’s Blogger VS Blogger Contest!
Check Out my previous Charles Worthington’s Review Here:

Opening Ceremory to my Hamper!!

Thanks for My Hairstylist , KK 

Full Range of Charles Worthington's Product!

RM1,000.00 worth of Watson's Product & Charles Worthington.

what I learn from this contest.
put 100% effort for the thing you did , never expect any reward. God will knows that.
in the progress of the contest:
I am cracking my head to come out a idea for each other blog post, from sketching the blog post,
drafting the post message, get product details from all over the place(website,blog,facebook),
taking a photo of the product.
From heart to heart to review the products.
Even my English not as good as my expected, I still trying my best to do it.
After 1 month doing the review of Charles Worthington’s Product.
I also did not expected I am the winner of this contest, the day they announce the winner,
I just heading to pavilion to stylekandi soft launching, green lantern movie screening and celebrate my dear’s birthday.
After back from the movie screening, I open my pc as usual, then I shock and scream at the PC.
My dear asking what happen, crazy oo..
then I told him “I won the Charles Worthington Blogger VS Blogger Contest” !! Yuhoo!!! Excited feeling! Insomia for the night because it is too happy.

Work Hard, Blog Creatively, Win Big.

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