Skin Formulation : Glamorous Skin Experiece

星期四, 六月 21, 2012

Date : 30/6/2012, Saturday
Time : 1pm - 3pm

What to Do @ Glamorous Skin Exprience Workshop  ?
  • To experience the benefits & best result of Skin Formulation products
  • To learn the right steps & technique of using skincare products
  • All trial products will sponsor Skin Formulation
What You Get @ Glamorous Skin Experience Workshop ?
  • Refreshment to be served
  • Free Door Gift
  • Welcome non-members and companions, newbies! 
  • LIMITED to first 30 people!
Where is  Glamorous Skin Experience Workshop ?
Skin Wellness Sdn Bhd
No.4, Jalan 5/118C, Desa Tun Razak. 56000 Cheras KL

How to register @ Glamorous Skin Experience Workshop ?

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5 评论

  1. waaaa I wish I'm near hahaha...too bad I am million miles away. =)

  2. btw, I need a kind favour from you.
    do u mind checking out a video? its for my group assignment one. also, its my first time acting. Do hit 'LIKE' and Comment on the video itself as it will affect the final marks. please support!


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