Recap of my 2012

by - January 04, 2013

my maxi peel journey

-with this journey, u know alot of kakak, adik from all over malaysia, and got a kakak is same birthday with me, haha. with maxi-peel, truly believe a rosy pink & smoother skin no matter what skin tone. will continues using maxi-peel for long term, personal my favorite is body lotion and sunblock, mix and match can be a tinted body lotion as well, stay tune on my review ya.
me 1st time on the kebaya sponsored by Seatea Creative

my winning moment at wacoal pink october 2012

- this is the hard work i done for the whole october 2012 to spread(spam) the breast cancer awareness to all my friend and family from Wacoal, guess how much i sent out? i had no idea because they have really advance system to track invalid email, pending email, valid email sent. ya, i think it is fair to us for a valid spread out email. about mid of november, a fb friend, ginnie ong tagged me and tell me i won the top 2 messenger. I'm super excited until I call parent & dear dear, they are feel the joy of me been sleepless night for a month. by early of December I pick up the Ipad & Wacoal RM100 cash Voucher, I met sathir, another winner for Wacoal top messenger. congratulation for both of us, i decided to gift this ipad3 to my parent, and the voucher for my mum to get her CNY new lingerie. with this ipad3, my parent can use it to watch pps(video,movie, drama & etc), games, even oriental daily e-newspaper. tell me more about Chinese apps for elder if you have any good to recommended.

my 1st smartphone in my life

after left out with all smart phone trends for likes years, i decided to reward myself with galaxy note2, I like the s pen function, and superb amoled screen. Biggest Screen among the smartphone. after using about 2 months. i love the S note function with just pull out the S pen when you are on the phone an wanted to write down another phone number. never forget a number/note/reminder with it.

my 1st ROM anniversary celebration at
Genting Bubbles & Bites

we decided to celebrate our anniversary at Genting. the 1st idea was the be a star having, but nothing special. so we walk around find out this bubbles & bites to enjoy our lunch and sweet chat there. we ordered pizza & pasta. omg the pizza is so huge,2 times of my hand. somemore we ordered plate of pasta as well how... we spend about 2 hours plus there and have a pink vodka Chill & CHEERSS...LOVE YOU

my 1st ever pink keyboard ipad cover from
my bff, Little Panda,

now, i means now i am typing my 1st blog post using this pink keyboard, Little Panda,
she is such a santarina to me, by the time i posted this pink keyboard on my fb wall. she was asking to buy me 1. so sweet. i love you! i also bought her a ipad cover, the thinner version with shinning top, hope she like it, even is not pink cover, sorry i cant find it oo. next time ya, let us helps our ipad change cloths. this is very convenient for an alternative laptop with this keyboard cover, even still abit bulky. haha.

my 1st sake wine with little panda.

my christmas countdown with LP at viva home japanese restaurant kuzo. the price there surprising affordable and some dish is even cheaper than sushi king. there is the place i tried my 1st slip of sake wine in hot version, so warm yet smooth in throat. thanks LP for your recommendation. hmmm should i say i want try the cold version next time.

this month January 2013, I am going to Taiwan for 8 days 7 Night Trip with Dear Dear.
what should must buy products at taiwan ? beauty product / non beauty product also can recommend.

Happy Belated New Year 2013.

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