First Ever The Lifestyle Circle Event is Awesome!

by - March 25, 2013

Last Saturday I am one of the 15 lucky girls been selected to attend 1st inaugural Only Girl TLCKL(The Lifestyle Circle) event organised by and Bioinfinity, This event covers all women's topic like Beauty , Health &Food,
Sponsored by Celebrity  Fitness, FriedChillies and *bisou*bonbon.
The event held in 
The Paradox Art Cafe.
we are been served light breakfast with sandwiches and cakes with coffee/tea to start up our day!
The Event Kick Off with Welcome Words by Elfie from

Jayne Lee from Bioinfinity gave an introductory speech as to why Bioinfinity brought down this device.
She tell us what's, where is our Pelvic Floor Muscle, how important is a tight Pelvic Floor Muscle.
Why should you care about your 
Pelvic Floor Muscle & etc.
With Vibrance Kegel Device's help to have toned, strong pelvic floor muscle for better sexual life, better blood circulation, prevent urinary incontinence, toned your Tummy as well!

Understand more about 
Bioinfinity Vibrance Kegel Device

After the health talk about Pelvic Floor Muscle & how important is it,we followed the next event with a  dance guru which is a super hot and sexy chick name BABY G from celebrity Fitness teaching us the latest fitness craze ‘DNA’, DNA is short term for Dance N Attidude.
wipe out all the sweat and tear there with Baby G!
Time to pamper ourselves with DIY Beauty Session by Lipstiq
Evie got a stunning hairstyle, half of is blonde and another half is totally black, Cool Right?
Evie going to share her beauty tips and favorite with us that all can found in the kitchen.
and today our DIY Spotlight on HONEY,
Who Don't Like Honey Right!
Check out what we can do with Honey.

NO.1 Honey+Yogurt+Oatmeal Mask
* Honey
* Yogurt
* Oatmeal

* Combine ingredients in a bowl,
* mix and apply on skin,
* leave on for 5 mins
* Rinse & Pat Dry

NO.2 Honey Lip Scrub
* Honey
* Brown Sugar
* Mix Honey and sugar for 20 secs.
* apply onto lips & massage gently to exfoliate
* Lick IT or wipe off with tissue paper
(i think 99% of you all will just lick it right!)NO.3 Banana-Choc Hand Treatment
* Honey 
* Cocoa powder
* Olive Oil

* Combine Ingredients and mix well
* Spread onto hands and massage gently.
* Rinse with mild soap

You must be wondering what's next after all exciting activities
all of us are divided to 5 groups ,
and me at group 3 with a group of very talented/daring girls..
check out what we do with this activities

we are given 10 keywords and 30 mins discussion to come up with a performance.
this performance script have to got all 10 keywords.
Jasmine come out with a great idea,
we pick up some keywords and act with the keywords..
How Can I acted with word of KEGEL..
(You going missed it ! )

We got the 2nd place for this activities!
gotten a set of makeup from & a massage voucher from villa manja.

We enjoyed our lunch with Special Screening of  "I Eat KL" by FriedChillies

I Eat KL is a dramedy set in present day Malaysia revolving around the lives of three women. Meet and hang out with Sabrina, a writer with a big heart and appetite; her best friend Meg, a Francophile chef and feisty fashionista Kiki. As we get to know our protagonists better, step into the richly delicious and voyeuristic world of I Eat KL where food bears witness to their lives’ triumphs and disappointments.

This drama is really touched deep my heart because is happened to me most of the time.
FriedChillies is foodies place to answer your daily question like :
Don't know where to eat?
Tired of eating out at the same places?

check out more @

Event wrap up with fun-filled and happy Girls like Us(Reader of Lipstiq)!
Image Source from :

~ END ~

I really learn alot from the event
from Inside (learn to practice pelvic floor muscle, Makan@FriedChillies )
Out (DIY Beauty , Sexy & Hot DNA)!
You Don't Wan Missed Out Event like this Anymore Rigtht!

Must Like :
The Lifestyle Circle

We even get few bag full of goodies bag!
Thanks to all the Sponsors!

thanks Yvonne for loan me most of the photo

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