I Love MY T-Shirt from Idotshirt.com

by - June 13, 2013

Idotshirt.com , The FIRST Malaysian Online game play which allows you to personalize your own t-shirt designs with elements carefully crafted and inspired by the world.

 I love MY is the first design from Idotshirt.com, all the prints are represents Malaysia like mousekedeer , durio, golden bridge from penang, roar(tiger) you even can choose colors of the t-shirt to match well with the prints.

I love idoshirt.com because it is the way to proud as a Malaysian , wear it proudly with Idotshirt.com t-shirt !
I Born Here, I Study Here, I Marry Here ! that's Why I am Malaysian!

My favorite Idotshirt is the Black Color t-shirt with Golden Bridge even though I am not from Penang, but I Love Penang’s Food like char kuey teaw, asam laksa, rojak, omelet with oyster and etc.

Another one will be the White Color t-shirt with Heart shape Malaysia National Flag, Simple yet Shows my Love to Malaysia!

Check Out More Customized I Love MY T-Shirt from Idotshirt.com Facebook & Website.
 I Love Malaysia & I Do shirt!

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