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by - July 07, 2013

Looked dull on mummy's old fashion style matte lipstick??
Mummy always complains she only have 1 lipstick that forever never finish.
Never mind there is the new lipstick saver here!
What's is that, Let's Check it Out!
Hint: something with LV, makes the magic on it!!
(left & right is the same lip colour, but just the right added some Magic still.)
Tadah ! This is the Magic/Mummy Lipstick Saver
Bloop LV Lipgloss 217
How it helps????
Just add on bloop LV lipgloss, makes the lipstick color more intense and glossy.
Let check out how I transform a matte lipstick to glossy color changed lipgloss.

I applied the normal lipstick only.
look boring and almost colourless right.
It's Alright!
Alive the lipcolor with bloop LV Lipgloss
See the different!!

Check out the Comparison
Am I Look Gorgeous with Bloop LV lipgloss?
Mummy, I can helps you to finish your lipstick now!
It hydrate my lips for more than 4 hours without touch up.
Non-Oily at all. Sealed the Lips Moisture.
Natural Look from using the lipgloss itself.
Falling In love with this LV Lipgloss

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