BMW: DIY Lifting Neck Mask from a piece of Wet Tissue

by - August 21, 2013

Since When you had take care your neck like your face?
recently? or never think of it.

neck is the where the people spot your age if you don't take good care it.
double chin and sagging chin is the example for the sign of aging!

Today I am going to teach you how to make a lifting neck mask from a piece of wet tissue.

1st you need apply and massage your lifting/firming serum on your neck.
2 . take out your pack of wet tissue, you only need 1 pc of it. I am using Anakku baby wipes 
3. pull till your jawline length.
4. cut 2 holes at each side, for hanging on the your ear.
5. rest for like 10-15 mins.

Enjoy You Wednesday!
2 More days to Weekend! 

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