New Sunglasses from GlassesOnline

by - November 01, 2013

How you can cover your no-makeup look with a sunglasses?
there how i going to show you!
I got this dandelion sunglasses from Glasses Online Malaysia.
just in time I going to FAM trip to kelantan.
for the long hour outdoor, it is very hard to put on make up as well with all the sweat and dirts.

let me show you my no-make up look,
the most proper only tinted sunblock!

You even can used it as your headband.
2 in 1 right! 

with the shape of butterfly, it can sharpen up your face figure too!
great for the round face like me! 

Am I look cool with the Sunglasses

it even can cover my sudden pop out pimples .

Have a Nice Weekend"

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