MaTiC Feast 2013, We Are Here!

by - December 04, 2013

Last Weekend Saturday Hubby and I went to MaTic Feast for a fun-filled day!
Maybe you will wander why is just a normal fun-feast can be that much fun for us.
when a couple been together for quite something, we get used to be independent,
yes we are in this stage, we are busy with works, Events & etc. even a small bonding time for us is veryprecious. let's us talk about the MaTiC itself.

MaTiC Fest is mainly promote MaTiC as ‘One-Stop Centre’ to Tourist Facility for local & foreign tourist via our culture competition like batik painting.

this feast is annual activities in Malaysia and all the racing & competition are open to public as well as foreign tourist. 

 For Year 2013, The Competition as in like

Paintball Competition; 
Hubby love to watch this competition, he can stay there for few games without moving anywhere
that's the great spot point for him. maybe he is skinny to play this game, LOL

Cat Show; 

Batik coloring

Arm Wrestling Contestants of the years~
Woah! All having a Strong Arm!

last but not least Tamiya Racing.
How fast can a small little racing car run!
See I capture the second that just in front of me!
all the small parts required to paid attention for the speeding factor.
same like relationship too, you need to take care and paid attention your other part.
if you think it is necessary for been beloved, you need to love the person 1st!

Event Never get successful without a generous sponsor like, KFC, Ribena Malaysia, Secret Garden, Cocoa Boutique, Saloma Bistro, Tourism Malaysia, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) and Sekretariat Visit Malaysia Year 2014. 

Enjoy Your Wednesday! 

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