Wilson Malaysia Redefines NEW Tennis Racquet Design

by - April 09, 2014

How Many People Out There Still There still playing Tennis?
Let me bring you to a new tennis racquet design by Wilson Malaysia
More Spins = More Win = Wilson Malysia
Spins makes a big impact on Tennis.

a tennis racquet design & quality makes a big difference for a tennis player, so what about the 100years of brands called Wilson? they even spend more time& effort for R&D on sport equipment,
like this time we got to know new racquet :

Indian tennis star, Rohan Gajjar and Malaysian number one,
Si Yiew Ming were among tennis enthusiasts present at the National Tennis Centre , Jalan Duta to test and experience Wilson’s groundbreaking SET ( Spin Effect Technology)
racquets that offers outrageous power and massive spin.
They also had the opportunity to check their tennis prowess by taking a test in the Wilson SET Trackman – a technology to increase the spin rate, power, speed and the distance of the player’s shot.
Si Yiew Ming In Action

Rohan Gajjar In action

Also present was Mirzan Tun Mahathir, Chairman of Tennis Malaysia and President of the Kuala Lumpur Lawn Tennis Association. 

According to Mike Miringoff, Regional Business Manager of APAC, one of Wilson’s biggest successes of the past year has been the introduction of SET to some of the racquets in their current line. 
researched Spin Effect Technology has three main benefits to players –
  1. more margin for error over the net which means hitting higher over the net,
  2. hitting harder whilst keeping the ball in the court
  3. better control of the ball so you can hit sharper angles,”

Commenting on the racquets, Mirzan said the ability to spin the ball faster can help players perform better, adding that the introduction of the new technology is something that all tennis players look forward to.

“We welcome the association with Wilson and their latest Spin Effect Technology, as it is our intention to bring tennis to a higher level in Malaysia,” noted Mirzan. 

For more information on the products,
Check Out their website at www.wilson.com

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