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by - May 08, 2014

How You Spend Your Sunday?
I Spent my Sunday With Mary Quant & Colors!

Be free, be yourself.
Let's Start Your Make Up Day with Mary Quant Cosmetic
Oil Zap
Oil Control makeup base
This makeup base provides a dry, matte finish, as if you have applied powder.
It prevents makeup from coming off by controlling shine due to excess sebum.
Also, it renders skin with a fine texture by covering up annoying pores.

Moisture Zap Mosture Infusion Makeup Base
Not only prevents dry skin with highly moisturising properties like a beauty serum, but also helps makeup last longer. Creates a soft tautness and provides improved coverage.
This make-up base enhances blood circulation maintaining bright skin and the skin looks naturally smooth and firm so that fine wrinkles and pores are concealed.

I think for combination skin type girl like me,
 you may need not only 1 makeup base, but 2 type of makeup base,
Moisture Zap for U Zone, the drier Zone
Oil Zap for T-Zone, the oily Zone

SMOO CAKE Powder foundation
Even problem skin that feels both greasy and dry remains clear, toned, and moist all day long.
The makeup foundation keeps the skin clear and beautiful by covering age spots and freckles, even under the strongest sunlight and heat.

I am using the Y-50 for the day.

it is really SMOOth finishing on my face as the name. 

What About the touch of a shimmer finishing?
There you go with Mary Quant Loose Face Powder

The velvety loose powder makes pores and fine lines less noticeable.
Your skin will look softer and even-toned.
It prevents makeup from dulling or running, providing a long lasting beautiful finish.

Follow By Eye Make Up
prep your eye area with Mary Quant Eye Gloss
which is a treatment and primer delicated for eye.

Brow line in Camel Brown
As my hair color is lighter for usual. 

How Many Eye Color You used for Daily routine?
1 / 2 Colour Max?
What About 4 color at once?
you even can custom made your own eye palette with your favorite
Eye Opener (Powder Eye Shadow)

I like this combination for a summer look! 

Do You Know I am using Red colour eye-liner for this look!
OUT LINE color pencil 12: CHERRY RED
 this is 2 in 1 liner can be a eye-liner & lip liner too!

I Love their ACTION LASHINGS, they are in 7 colors, shape of the mascara is different from other, MQ's original two-sided Coil and Chip Brush, which features short raised bristles on one side.
Can I Own Every Single Color for NOW?

Check Out More about Mary Quant Beauty Workshop and Mary Quant Cosmetics products, please visit and

Starts to grab your Mary Quant Products at MUSE by Watsons.
Located at Sunway Pyramid

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