Photography Workshop with Mr. Adhadi Mohd

星期三, 一月 06, 2016

Thanks for Kelab Ben Ashaari for organizing the photography workshop with  Mr. Adhadi Mohd.
I always wanted to learn photography technique to apply on my baby pink camera (Sony Nex - 3N)!
Sorry to mentioned that I 80% times also on Auto Mode....
NOW I understand about Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance.

Speaker of the day : Mr.  Adhadi Mohd

Mr.  Adhadi Mohd have 10 year+ experience on photography.

There are few tips Mr.  Adhadi Mohd shared during photography workshop: 

- Try and Try for Better Photos!
- Snap , Adjust , Snap , Adjust, Snap , Adjust until you get the nice photos!
- There are no right or wrong for using smartphone / compact camera for good photos by apply all the photography rules!
-Clean off all the rubbish (Clear background)
- Negative Space
- Rule of Third
- Close Up

Indoor Product Shooting Practical:
he teach us by using reflector if the sun lighting is too hard!
we should use soft light to get the better photos.

Outdoor Product Shooting Practical:
BOKEH Effect to be applied for outdoor shooting!

This is the Most Important I learned from Mr. Adhadi Mohd 

If your photo too dark
3 Adjustments You Can Do in Manual Mode : 

- Adjust ISO
Increase ISO, the higher ISO you set, the brighter photo is.
but if higher ISO, the more noise (roughness)

- Adjust Aperture
Lower Aperture, the lower Aperture you set,  the brighter photo is.

- Adjust Shutter Speed
Increase Shutter Speed, the higher Shutter Speed you set, the brighter photo is.

Wondering how to adjust Aperture,Shutter Speed & ISO for Static & fast moving photos?
Want to learn more tips & tricks from Mr. Adhadi Mohd ?
You can attend his upcoming workshop :

 Mr. Adhadi Mohd also selling Photography Tutorial DVD!
so that you can do your revision from time to time!
Video tutorial from basic dslr photography technique, photoshop to adobe lightroom

see the differences with post-editting with Adobe Lightroom!
So Don't Ctlr + Del your photos before edit it.
Always Edit it Before Delete it!

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27 评论

  1. Banyak info yang dapat sepanjang bengkel ni..great..

  2. Nanti jgn lupa amik gambar i tau.. U mesti dah terror kan.. Hehehe

  3. How I wish I could join the photography workshop!~ Nice outings!

  4. I love photography workshop like this :) alot of things to learn from there

  5. woot woot... good workshop and thanks for sharing Wendy... I learn a few things from your sharing too...

  6. Wow looks like this is a good workshop cum staycation for you all. Good one!

  7. Great tips, now can have better pictures at my blog :)

  8. sweet! always nice to attend photography workshops such as these..
    we have so much to learn and apply into our blog's pictures!

  9. Wendy...adobe light room tu terus buat gambar jadi so mahal i mean berkualiti...tak jejas langsung objek asal yang menjurus ke arah fake...ohhh suka lah...i need small dslr now...

  10. Very nice post! I happen to love photography myself! Looks like an awesome experience!

  11. I've shared the rule of thirds with several friends, and it's like a lightbulb goes off. Ah ha! Yes! I can take good pictures!

  12. I love using my Nikon D3200. I want so bad to go to a workshop but right now I just practice and practice!

  13. Thank you.Photos are what need improvement on my blog.

  14. Great post! I love the rule of thirds.

  15. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

  16. Great tips! Looks like you learned alot.

  17. Seems like you had a great learning experience! We're always working on improving our photo skills! :) Keep up the great work!

  18. This looks like an interesting workshop!

  19. Great info - I use auto settings probably 98% of the time and really need to start experimenting with more manual settings. Thanks!

  20. I just started taking a photography class! These tips sound very useful!

  21. It's always so much fun learning how to enhance photos! Sounds like it was a good workshop!

  22. This looks like an awesome event!

  23. Great information .. I didnt know about that ISO..thanks for that tip. looks like a fun event. :-)

  24. he's my favourite photographer.. huhu

  25. This is a really great post! I always get mixed up on ISO and aperture settings. Thanks!

  26. Workshops and training are great resource to learn new skills. Like you, I always wanted to learn about photography, too. So helpful.

  27. There are some mistakes that I'd like to point out.

    1. The more appropriate terms for aperture would be "larger" or "smaller". Larger aperture (smaller f-number) = brighter photo and vice versa

    2. higher shutter =/= brighter photo. Higher shutter speed actually captures less light. for example. 1/60 is brighter than 1/125s

    While ISO affects the roughness/cleanliness of the photo,
    aperture affects the depth of field (DOF) and
    shutter speed affects the motion

    Nonetheless, nice info sharing and good luck in learning photography :) !