Tough Life with Happy Ending

by - July 25, 2016

EveryOne want Good Life but life never goes well as you wish, Today I am going to share with you a real life story with happy ending. 

This was exactly what happened to 34 year-old Fadzli Radzuan, a lorry driver. He is married with three beautiful children and is the sole breadwinner of his family.

His story really touched me…

Fadzli woke up one morning, all geared up for work. He was going about his usual duties, unloading some heavy items from his lorry when the unexpected happened! He fell and landed on his elbow. Imagine the excruciating pain! 

He fractured his left arm. “What have I done to myself?” This thought kept recurring in Fadzli’s mind. He was immediately worried about his ability to work in the days ahead and the consequences it would have on his family. 

Fadzli was rushed to the nearest hospital in Klang where he was told he needed an immediate operation. The bone in his left arm had broken in three places and he needed plates to repair the damage. The doctor diagnosed him with Closed Comminuted Fracture, Left SupraCondylar Humerus. Ouch! Now, that sounds so painful! 

If that pain was not enough, he was also confronted with the ‘financial pain’ – the cost of the operation! There was no way he could afford it. He needed financial help. 

It was then that his doctor suggested he apply for the Khazanah-IHH Healthcare Fund. What a relief it was for Fadzli when his application was approved. He felt that the Fund was a godsend to help him in his condition. With the financial support, he was able to proceed with the operation, which was done with much success.  

Within four months of his operation, he was back to work, feeling better and reenergised. To date, he has recovered well and has use of his left hand again. However, he has to be careful not to carry heavy items using that arm. Fadzli is thankful everyday that he is still able to provide for his family and live a normal life despite the freak accident at work. 

Fadzli and his beautiful family

My dear readers, you might be wondering now about the Khazanah-IHH Healthcare Fund and how it came about. Well, the Fund provides partial and fully sponsored medical treatment to needy patients in Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey. 

The Fund has indeed changed lives for many like Fadzli. Launched on 3rd July 2012, the Fund is worth RM50 million and is being disbursed over a span of five years until 2017. It is fully funded by Khazanah Nasional Berhad via its listed healthcare arm, IHH Healthcare Berhad (IHH).

70% of the Fund amounting to RM 35 million has been allocated to help needy patients in Malaysia (the rest being disbursed in Turkey and Singapore with the same objective to help needy communities there). Through Pantai and Gleneagles hospitals, the needy can receive treatments in areas such as Ophthalmology, Cardiology (paediatric and adults), Orthopedic and General Surgery. 

Restoring Health, Changing Lives! That is what the Fund believes in. It has reached over 1,000 needy patients in Malaysia and will reach even more this year. 

It is wonderful to know that the Khazanah-IHH Healthcare Fund helps communities in need, with their specific medical needs and gives them a new lease in life, just like Fadzli. 

This story tugged at my heartstrings and I am sure it did for you too. After all, YOLO! (You Only Live Once). 

For more information about the Khazanah-IHH Healthcare Fund, please visit their website at
Appreciate Your Life & Families Ya! Signing Off Now! 

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