First Beauty Products In Malaysia for Crowd Funding

by - August 02, 2016

Did You Know what is crowdfunding ?
Crowdfunding is the process of raising money to fund a business idea through many donors using an online platform.

Today I am going to share with you,
MaskSlim is the first to have beauty products for crowd funding in Malaysia!
This CrowdFunding is supported by Mystartr

After Love and Masking ;
Stress and Masking ;
Is it Related?
Yes IT IS !

MaskSlim is really creative & daring to create this After Love mask!
What do you do after love? sleep straight? take shower?
Now you can put on  Maskslim After Love Mask as latest trend ya!
So We must make it happen by supporting their crowdfunding Once is Never Enough Campaign!

When You Stress , What are you doing to release stress?
Exercise? Yoga? Meditation?
But you won't have time for all this to release stress! Right?
How About Put On Maskslim Refreshing Mask while you are in stress?

I can be related sometimes travelling can be very stress, 
especially backpacker style travelling, busy looking for your hotel, food, transportation!
after an exhausted day, then put on a piece of MaskSlim Refreshing Mask will be Awesome!

Now I also can shout out !
Dear Stress, Let's Break Up!

More About MaskSlim Refreshing Mask

As low as RM1000, you are not only getting 300pcs of  these 2 creative facial masks from MaskSlim but also you are donating  DF vertical drum to Mkaye Charis Charity Berhad Old Folks Home by MK Curtain Group 

Calling All Beauty Mask Junkie ! 
Calling All Beauty Mask Junkie !
Here the Video
Step By Step to Support these Creative Ideas of MaskSlim Project!

Kiasu Mood! 
I want to be the first few to TRY OUT THESE 2 CREATIVE MASK!
I supported and want to witness the sucessful launching of this MaskSlim Crowdfunding Projects!

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