9 things you can't missed to do at MAHA2016

by - December 09, 2016

Any Fruits / Animals / Fish Lover Here?

I am going to share with you a great event you can go this weekend!


This 11-day event is filled with showcases and activities that will appeal to those involved in agriculture, business owners and investors as well as the general public
3 More Days to Go! till this Sunday Yo!
Let's See What's So Happening At MAHA2016

FIRST - You Need to Waze / Google Map On MAHA2016

MAEPS Secretariat Building

MARDI Headquarters,
43400 Serdang,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Latitude: 2.979257 Longitude: 101.697566

Then Take the Tram to 9 Pitstops Below :

Nafas Cube Pit Stop 

enjoy a lake view breakfast here is awesome!
I am going to be back very very soon!

PineApple Planet Pit Stop 

Drop by at PineApple Planet for some juicy Pineapple 
you get to understand more about pineapple.
how they used pineapple leaf fibre to make papers 

I am a PineApple Farmer of the Day!
Which PineApple You want from Me?

Castle of Fruits Pit Stop 

Don't Like PineApple?
No Worries I Bring You to Castle of Fruits
You can Find Mango, Papaya and others Local Fruits Here! 

Oh! Mr. Corn Inside Castle of Fruits Too!

 Happy Hours!! Happy Hours!
BY 6pm Every Day , please drop by to Castle of Fruits and grab your 3 bags of Corn only RM10
average about 15 corns in total 3 bags

Pit Stop 
Great Place to Snap Photos Here & Selfie with all nicely done Floriculture
Waterfall Flower is so nice, How wish I can have 1 at home! 

Special Reminder :
Remember to bring along your sunblock when you are touring around #MAHA2016
This Dinosaur is made by recycled water bottles!
How Amazing it is ... 

Herbs & Vegetables Pit Stop 
After Flower, Fruits Pit Stops
let's us move to herbs & vegetables stop.
Today I am going to share with you something rare and cute vegetable!

I love this Edible Garden So Much!
You can just pick whatever you want it!
I can smell lemongrass and peppermint in this garden !
So relaxing!

This is UFO Pumpkin !

This is Upin Ipin Pumpkin in Dual Colors

You will never spot them outside in the wet market also!
Come to #Maha2016 Now till Sunday!

Paddy Pit Stop 

Public are trying to understand about how from a paddy to rice!
and how to differentiate the quality of rice .

Machinery Pit Stop

Thanks to new technology to ease the farmers
You can understand more here at machinery pitstop

LiveStock Pit Stop

OMG What's this ???

OK, Is Lembu Sado or Masculine Cow in Action!
average 1 tons each Masculine cow within 2-3 months old!

You also can grab your fresh milk supply here!
from goat milk, yogurt to ice cream also can have it here!

Bird Nest Session!
Beauty Junkie Must Drop By Here for Bird Nest Drinks

Fisheries Pit Stop

You can Makes Your DIY Terrarium Here at Fisheries Pit Stops with Your Kids and bring back home!

Jelly Fish 

MerMaid Said No to Shark Fin!
So We also MUST say No too!!

Check Out More About Maha2016

Check Out The Timelapse Video Below to Witness It!

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