My Top 10 Chinese New Year Video 2017

by - January 25, 2017

Every Chinese New Year, The Most Looking Forward Not Only Shopping , Cleaning & Giving Ang Pao Right?

As a Social Media Influencer is to watch all Chinese New Year Short Video by Various Brands / Company!

Let Me Share You My Top 10 Chinese New Year Video 2017!!
Chinese New Year Video always can categories on funny, sentimental, touching one...
But this time got video dare to touch on the religious part reality scenario during Chinese New Year...

AIA video

Very cute but the last line and last scene makes it even more touching!

The Boiling Water⁠⁠⁠⁠ 

This video is the most relevant to mixed culture family, 
some might thinking reunion dinner is just a dinner, 
but for this family is a confirmation!

Heavenly Crown CNY 2017 by Paramount Property

Traditions have always been a part of molding the foundations of our values. For these are the virtues that bonds and strengthen family ties. This year of the Rooster let us all come together to remember tradition while looking forward to creating new memories.

My Chicky, My family 我的鸡()啊!– Tefal Chinese New Year 2017
A nice heart warming tale of a girl and his grand father. Though comes with lots of products placement, but it’s pretty cute and nice.

Colour Of Voices - CNY 2017 Cantonese medley (A Cappella)
Acapella at it’s best!

RJVN Chinese New Year 2017 Dance Music Video 男神請舉手 ! - Michiyo Ho

Popular dancers Rejuvenate Dance Crew (RJVN) turned a catchy song into CNY themed dance steps. Rejuvenate Dance Crew (RJVN) went to all My Favorite Shopping Malls and dance! Klang Parade, Citta Mall! I like it SO Colorful & Cheeky!

GONG XI "FAT" CAI! (Parody) - JinnyboyTV

Chinese New Year never a time to lose weight!!
So Me La! I am not going to lose weight and having my feast for this Chinese Year!

Money That Grandma Owes Me - a CNY 2017 story by Maxis

Heart warming tale of a kid and his grandmother and He is Planting Grandmother's black hair!!

The 50-Year Promise – a CNY 2017 story by Maxis 4G films

Finding Sister Thru Social Media!
Seriously Touching Ler!

Cooking Hustle - TNB Chinese New Year 2017
I like the nice costume for each of the characters , nice graphics and storyline !! I want to be one of the KungFu Women so that I can cook without Any Stove / Gas!

Awkward Chinese New Year Questions - Dan Khoo Productions

Hope You Enjoy Watching Chinese New Year Video 2017!
Share With You More Chinese New Year Video that No Here!

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