#WendyBeautys - What's Sweet Aiman So Special ?

by - March 13, 2017

What Are Your Beauty Regime During 17 Years Old ????
How About I Get You a Perfect Inside Out Protection For Teenagers!

Sweet Aiman Newly Launched 3 Products recently:

a) Candy Cherry Brite 
b) Cherry Brite HD
c) DD Mineral Cushion (3D Cream Effect)

What's Sweet Aiman So Special? 
- Protection From Inside Out, Brightening & Yummy!
- DD Cushion in Mineral which is good for teenagers skin!
- Does Not Contains Any Gelatin & Alcohol....
- 100% locally Made in Malaysia to have better quality control, consistent!

Sweet Aiman 3D Cream DD Mineral Cushion (Light Glow)

Sweet Aiman Cherry Brite HD

Sweet Aiman 3D Cream DD Mineral Cushion (Natural Glow)

Lastly : Sweet Aiman Candy Cherry Brite

Meet & Greet Session With Aiman Tino 

MYDIN Senawang, Negeri Sembilan
Time : 5.00 PM
Date : 23.3.2017

MYDIN CityOne ,Sarawak
Time : 3.30 petang
Date : 8.4.2017

MYDIN Samariang,Sarawak
Time : 3.30 petang
Date : 29.4.2017

More Info:
Instagram : sweetaiman360
Portal : www.sweetaiman360.com

Next I will Be Having A Full Review on The Sweet Aiman Products
Stay Tuned

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