JAKEL Barulah Raya 2017!

星期日, 六月 11, 2017

Wanted to Celebrate Hari Raya Like A Celebrities?
Yes? Come To Jakel! 2077
Yes!! You can celebrate Hari Raya and dress up like a celebrities
Pretty & Elegant like Scha Alyahya, Ayda Jebat
Handsome & Macho like 
Abg Nabil Ahmad @nabilzira, Aron Aziz!

Upin & Ipin Also Here to Featured Kids Raya Apparel!
Any Upin Ipin Fans Here, Time to Get Few for Your Kids Ya!

Every Weekend Are Very Pack At Jakel Outlets!
They Even Have Lelong Sections / Happy Hours!
Some Apparel Prices will go all the way up to 85%! 


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