Shopee Birthday - Vote Your Favorite Influencer Parody & Win RM500 Cash !

by - November 30, 2017

Happy Birthday Shopee!
选你心目中最爱的搞笑网红和赢取 RM500 奖金 !
Vote Your Favorite Influencer Parody and Win RM500 Cash !

From 27 November 2017 - 14 December 2017
All You need to do is : 
  1. Watch all This Parody Video Here :
  2. Cast Your Vote Here :
  3. Good Luck & Win RM500 Cash! Buy Whatever You Want !!

Is It M.C.R.AKA Curly Hair Mak Cik Roast-mah (Arwind Kumar) and her statement ‘sunat you’?
I think she needs a plate/tissue from Shopee after this! Haha! 

你们觉得 M.C.R.AKA Curly Hair Mak Cik Roast-mah (Arwind Kumar) 阿姨搞笑吗??

Or Kak Leha Bunting (Faiz Dickie) yang sentiasa menjadi idola komuniti Village People mereka?
Who is Shopee-Qah , Scandal Abang Kak Leha Bunting? 
Kak Leha Bunting (Faiz Dickie) 发现小三后,爱上小三的搞笑?

Or Lizz Chloe, influencer that local well known Radio DJ & Model?
Oh, I think We have the same sickness!
Dr. Shopee, Please Help Us!
我和Lizz Cloe 一起生病了!
其实,我不介意一直病下去哦, 哈哈!

I still Can Decide Who is My Favorite Influencer Parody!
I can relate all videos in my life actually, as I am Super Online shopeeholic too!Tell Me Who is Your Favorite Influencer!
2 Winners will be announced on 2nd, 8th, 15th  and  22nd  December 2017.
Watch It Now !!
RM500 Waiting For You!!

RM500 等着你呢!

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Happy Shopping !!!

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