Congratulation to Dynas Mokhtar & Shazrik Din's Wedding By WILQADRY

by - May 16, 2018

Dynas Mokhtar & Shazrik Din tye the knot in mesmerizing nuptials

Renowned actress, host and entrepreneur, Dynas Mokhtar, is having a magical wedding reception on Saturday, the 5th May 2018, in Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
The joyous reception celebrating Dynas Mokhtar nuptials to Shazrik Din is set to be organized by the multifaceted and technologically forward event company, WILQADRY.
WILQADRY's creative collaboration with Dynas Mokhtar in choreographing a beautiful reception brings into play the dynamic of star power in catapulting the brand into the forefront of Malaysia's event industry. Furthermore, Dynas's star power showcases her influence among the public and bring a potential for brand's underground activation in future events like Fashion Show, Birthday Party.

For the first time in Malaysia, the reception will feature extraordinary Moroccan theme visualization showcasing memorable projection mapping technology projecting mesmerizing visuals of swirl decoration with flowing water on the wedding dais and casting the wedding cake with captivating handwriting motion accompanying reception event's logo

WILQADRY is taking the lead in driving enhanced nuptials experience with an emphasis on Dynas Fondness for the natural green theme, wrapping the celebrated day in botanical elements of copper leaf and fresh flowers comprised of gisen, tulip, eucalyptus, white orchid, and baby breath.

Wilqadry is a multifaceted wedding, lifestyle, entertainment, corporate event management and creative activation group of companies, specializing in distinct contra conceptualization and executing formidable creative platforms.
The brand essence of Wilqadry lies in its name that combines the word 'Will', which means the deliberation to achieve a certain goal, with the name of the founder, Sharifah Rohaida Al Qadry.
Wilqadry's is powered by rank-and-file crew and staff comprised of the new generation gatekeepers of the enterprise.
Today, Wilqadry strives to become the trailblazing events company with an eye for the future towards a myriad of happening such as musical concerts, fashion shows, and exhibitions - placing an emphasis on technological advancement to boost Wilqadry standing in the homegrown market

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