Dacsee - Malaysia Community Based Ride-hailing Platform

by - January 02, 2019

Do You think Ride-hailing Driver To Be Part Of Your Life?
Yes, I mean the good services/chatty driver that you plan to contact back with after 1 trip?
But As you know it Cannot Retrieved Back from the App Right!
Now You Can with Dacsee Platform!!
Malaysia First Community Based Ride-hailing Platform!

Today I am introducing You a new Malaysia First Community Based Ride-Hailing - DACSEE...

Officially launched their mobile application in September 2018 with 4500 pre-qualified drivers in Malaysia and has since garnered 35K downloads!
And I am one of them Because of I want to be friend with the Drivers Always !!

Must Be Wondering What is DACSEE Stand For...
There You Go!

D - Decentralised
A - Alternative
C - Cabs
S - Serving
E - Empowering
E - Everyone

Dacsee want to connect individuals with similar interest who can exchange ideas and opportunities, which also can improve the quality of their personal and professional networks and lives.

Let's Check Out More About DACSEE Here!

I really like how they group driver into community group like Foodie Group, Ladies Driver Group (for a lady like me, I will mostly opt for this, much safer.), Red Carpet Group (Treat You Like a Ladies & Gentleman, Open Doors for You when Picking & dropping Off, Coming Soon) !!
Interesting Ideas to Take A ride / Even Day Trip around KL also with Dacsee!

so Far I am trying Dacsee for almost two months, I found it very convenient winthin Klang Valley & Still very new Ride-hailing system in Malaysia. Sometimes Lucky I Go On Proton Exora with Compact Category :)

I heard DACSEE available at Johor & Penang Now.
Yahoo Next Time Go Foodie Trip at Penang & Johor can take Dacsee!
Hopefully, Penang & Johor Driver Starts The Foodie Day Trip Group Soon!

RM5 Off For Penang - Key In PENANG5

RM5 Off for Johor - Key In JDT5 

Ride, Shop/Dine, Cash Back with Dacsee Joy Rewards!
You just to Book & Complete a ride,  You will then receive your rewards which can vary from cash vouchers to free rides and more!


Apple App Store

Google PlayStore

Dacsee Official Facebook 

Dacsee Official Instagram

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