Confident is Luxury by hushworx fitness wear

by - April 06, 2019

Do You Know That Confident is Luxury!

Yes, Build Up Your Confident by Stand Straight with @hushworx_fitnesswear
#Waisttrainer and Less BackPain.

#Hushworkfitnesswear Corset Material is different other Corset in the Market.
* No Folding Up
* Well Supported
* Latex Material

#Hushworkfitnesswear Release Out with RTW Raya Set Only rm290 ( Corset + Baju Kurung) instead of Rm369!!! Get it From 1st of April till Hari Raya.

Let's Understand Why hushworx fitness wear became National Brand Corset....

By producing a product that has become a popular choice among top celebrity celebrities, is a great recognition for Hushworx Fitness Wear's owner. This is because it is not easy to make our inventions memorable, especially to ask them to buy it.

But when that happens, nothing else and no, of course because the product and the brand have high standards and quality. At the same time surpassing the index of customer satisfaction standards. And that's also the satisfaction of the owner, Nur Rizlin Zanudin, 37, the founder of Hushworx Fitness Wear. Hushworx Fitness Wear is Fancy Corset located in the country market since 2012.
Starting with the name hushbabyxoxo, Nur Rizlin then rebranded Hushworx Fitness Wear under the Hushworx Ventures empire. Using imported materials from Italy, the body-building products and support of this spine, is certainly providing comfort to the wearer.

Studying just SPM and having a single mom makes this scene feel humble and uncertain about doing anything. The youngest of three siblings from Selangor has once lived in Saudi Arabia for three years. His father from Perak worked with Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Where to go to , Nur Rizlin also began his career as a customer service in MAS in 2007 until 2009 and became a beauty consultant in the same year.

Taking a decision to stop working by part-time work, Nur Rizlin is happy to take care of his own child and spend more time with him. At that time, she had a weight loss problem and started thinking about wearing a corset but deadlocked to think of the best brand for her.

What Makes the Brand of been famous ???

Hushworxfitness wear been Review from Datuk Siti has led to a sharp rise in sales and customers are already looking to see the product physically. This prompted me to open a shop in Balakong in July 2017. "In addition, Nora Danish, Anis Nabilah, nana Al Haleq, King Ilya and other famous instincts have already tried the waist trainer from Hushworx Fitness Wear. Just look at their slim, attractive body shape.

Lot No1-17A, Amerin Mall,
Jalan Impian Indah,
Taman Impian Indah, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

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