The Best Instagram Tip in the World!!

by - May 06, 2019

Do you want more “followers”?
A “better” feed?
More “engagement”?
Here is what not many people tell you.
Here is what all successful Instagrammers do.
Here is what attracts you to successful Instagrammers.
Here is how you will know exactly what to post.
Here is how you will know exactly what to write in your captions ALL THE TIME.
Here is how you will never stress about Instagram ever again.
All the Instagram strategies in the world will not matter until you put this strategy that I’m going to share with you in practice.
Spoiler alert:
It’s not about following the latest and greatest Instagram strategies.
It’s not about the algorithm that you love to hate.
You know what it’s about?
It’s about you.
Here is the best and biggest Instagram tip I can ever give you:
Believe in yourself.
Hold on! Don’t go away. I’m not trying to be all “rainbows and butterflies” with you here.
I’m stating a fact.
Re-read this:
Believe in yourself.
That’s the best strategy you will ever read.
That’s a fact.
That’s what works.
That’s what is going to move the needle for your personal Instagram growth – heck, forget about Instagram. It’s all about your personal growth.
Think about it:
If you don’t feel good about yourself, how can you feel good about creating content?
If you are stressed out, how can you feel calm when you need to create awesome content?
If you doubt yourself, how can you be confident when you put yourself out there on Instagram?
And if you don’t trust yourself, how can other people trust you?
Instagram is a SOCIAL media. Social. To be social you need to be personal. To be personal, you need to own your personality.
To own your personality you need to believe in yourself.
I’m going to say it again:
Believe in yourself.
Be you.
This is the first step, whether you’re on Instagram for fun or for your business.
  1. You are unique (don’t even try to argue about this)
  2. You are creative
  3. When you’re yourself, everything becomes easier (FACT)
  4. When you’re yourself, you have more fun creating (FACT)
  5. Creating becomes easy
  6. Creativity flows through you
  7. You naturally attract like-minded people
  8. You become a magnet for creativity, fun and connection
  9. No more BS
  10. No more second guessing
  11. Let it flow
  12. Have fun!
Embrace the change.
Embrace the challenge.
Embrace yourself.
You’ve got so much to share. So much to create.
It’s time to shine.
It’s going to be an amazing ride.
And here’s what people don’t tell you:
It will take time.
And that’s ok.
This is your Instagram account. Your journey. Explore, test things out, have fun with your creativity, share what you want to share. Never, ever, be scared to try. Never be scared to create something new. Never be scared to be yourself.
And you know what? The more you practice this tip, the more you will feel free, happy and creative.

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