Beauty of Lingga Regency - DaBo Singkep

by - July 04, 2019

( Credit to alfiefotoworks )

I was at Dabo Singkep Recently to find out all the hidden gems that you all should check them out when you plan to travel around Riau Island, Specifically Lingga 
Regency, Singkep is an island in the Lingga Archipelago in Indonesia. Its area is 757 square kilometres (292 sq mi). It is separated from the east coast of Sumatra by the Berhala Strait. It is surrounded by islands P. Posik to the west, P. Serak to the SW, P. Lalang to the South, and P. Selayar of Riau Islands between Lingga and Singkep. 

Today I going to share with you where to go when you reach Dabo, Lingga.
For Malaysian, It's better understanding their Language as it is similar to our Bahasa Melayu... 
Easy to Understand & Speaking Here, No Problem!!!

Iye, Cakap Malayu Jer!

DaBo Singkep Hot Spring

DaBo Singkep Belerang Hot Spring is the Only 1 Hot Spring Spots at DaBo and it is Separate to 3 Different Pools dedicated to Different Temperature, it can Up to 40°c...

Always starts from the Lowest Temperature Pool ( Big Pool) then Middle Temperature (The One Outside Gate)  finally high Temperature Pool (The One Inside Gate)


It is Great to be at DaBo Singkep Belerang Hot Spring Straight From DaBo Ferry Terminal because after Long Journey From Batam To DaBo Singkep, Linggan ( four & half hours)

This is The Only HotSpring Spot at DaBo Singkep even no Volcano Around DaBo Singkep...

RP 5000 adult

RP 3000 Children
RP 1000 two wheels Vehicle
RP 2000 four wheels Vehicle

Address : Dabo Lama, Singkep, Kabupaten Lingga, Kepulauan Riau 29871, Indonesia

( Credit to alfiefotoworks )

Museum Timah Singkep

Another historic tangible tourism ammunition is held by Lingga Regency and just launched recently 

After the Vietnam Ex-Camp Museum and the Tomonggong Abdul Jamal Museum, this is the third historical thematic museum owned by the Riau Islands.

Named the Singkep Tin Museum, this museum resides in the middle of the City of Dabo Singkep.  It is entrenched right in the Pagoda Building, one of a series of old buildings owned by the history-laden city.

Opened since May 2019, the Singkep Tin Museum was initiated by the District Government and Lingga history activists as a 'reminder,' so that people will not forget that Singkep has in the past been a reputable as a tin-producing country, one of the largest in the country.
Looking back, the era of Singkep tin mining glory lasted almost two centuries, 1812 to 1992.

The originator, Sultan Sulaiman Badrul Alamsyah II.  The sultan, in his journey even managed to make an agreement with the Dutch businessman in 1857 to manage the tin mine.

Singkep's tin glory faded in 1985 along with the occurrence of tin crashes, which was marked by the collapse of tin prices on the world market.  After that, Singkep's tin mine slowly died down.  And the peak, really ‘dead’ in 1992.

NEXT, i will be sharing that
how You travel from Batam Centre to DABO.
Stay Tuned . 

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