StayCation @ Best Western I-City Shah Alam

by - August 05, 2019

Welcome to My Blog To Check Out My Recent StayCation @ Best Western I-City Shah Alam !
I Will Tell You How It's So Relaxing Place to Stay and Dining at Best Western I-City Shah Alam !

Welcome to Best Western I-City Shah Alam !
When Walk in to Lobby You will be greeted by Friendly Front Office Receptionist!
Get Your IC / Passport ready for Checking In to Lovely Best Western I-City Shah Alam Room...
Then Get Your Key Cards & WIFI Details (This is A Must for Travellers Like Us To Updates Everything Here!!)  , Head Over to Your Designated Room! 

Before That!! Before That!!
They even provided Simple Pleasure Zone - You can Munching Childhood Snacks Ice Cream Topping Biscuit, Waffle Cigga Stick, Fish Shaped Biscuits (If You know everything here, you are same age with me 😛😛😛😛) While Waiting your turn to be Check In..

Next They have Coffee On the Go Kiosk at Lobby, Grab a Coffee & Pastries Before Work around I-City
I saw they even have weekday morning set at Rm3 for Nasi Lemak & Coffee/Tea!

The View Cafe at Level 5
So Colorful Right!!
Feel Like Picnic in Style Here Right?
I Think You can Plan Your Surprise Birthday, Friends Gathering, Even Proposal here  ...
I Love the Place so Much!

Day View at The View Cafe Overlooking I-city Shah Alam
I Love to Recommend You all to hace Breakfast & Lunch Here at Outside of the restaurant!
Night View at The View Cafe Overlooking I-city Shah Alam
Having A Cup of Coffee, Tea Or Even Beer Here is Chilling!

Now I Want to tell you that Best Western I-City Shah Alam got their Room Services By Scanning QR Code !
High Tech Right, And the Navigation of the Whole Menu is totally seamless, and plus point is you even can put your customized request on it like (NO ONION, LESS SUGAR and etc. )

Their Room Service Dishes is Not Only Snacks, But a Hearty Steak & Chicken Chop Even Malaysian Rojak, Pastries are available in Room Services Menu...
The Foods is served in Warm, Just Right to have it straight away,

I Hope you Enjoy Your "Window" StayCation @ Best Western I-City Shah Alam Thru My Blog...
Next I will Be Share What's Their Signature Dishes at The View Cafe @ Level 5 & More Promo @ Best Western I-City Shah Alam !
How You Can Stay For Free @ Best Western I-City Shah Alam

ADDRESS : A-GF-01, No. 6 Persiaran Multimedia, Section 7, I-city, 40000 Shah Alam, Malaysia

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