Enjoy Starbucks at Home Premium Coffee

by - April 27, 2020

Today I Going to Teach You How to Having Hi-Tea In Style at Home!⁣

Firstly - Dress Up a Rich Tai Tai (Rich Women)⁣

Secondly - Choose The Your Favorite @mystarbucks Coffee at Home!⁣

(Yeah!! You able to enjoy high quality Starbucks® coffees in a convenient instant/soluble format, at home!!)⁣

💙Medium Roast is a smooth and balanced Latin American coffee with creamy notes of milk chocolate and nuts⁣
💜Dark Roast is a fuller-bodied, bold Latin American coffee with a sweet roast flavor and notes of delicious dark chocolate.⁣
The new Instant coffee beverages are directly inspired by signature Starbucks® beverages, available in :⁣
☕Caffè Latte⁣
☕Caffè Mocha ⁣
☕Caramel Latte.⁣
3rd - Enjoy It with your Families Members...⁣

The ‘Starbucks® at Home’ Premium Instant (Soluble) coffee range will be available on Lazada and Shopee as well as selected retailers and supermarkets.⁣⁣

#starbucksathome_my #starbucks #starbucksathome #STARBUCKSATHOMEMY

Mr Othman Chraibi, Business Executive Officer, Beverages Unit, Nestlé Malaysia Bhd, said, "The continued strong collaboration between Starbucks® and Nestlé enabled us to move at speed and to expand the Starbucks® brand into the instant/soluble coffee segment, which consumers in Malaysia know and love. We are delighted to keep leveraging on our coffee expertise to create new coffee premium experiences for consumers to enjoy conveniently in the comfort of their homes. We are very excited to introduce our high-quality Starbucks® premium instant coffee range, as it is a great solution to recreate the signature Starbucks® beverage with no preparation hassle. It has never been easier to be your own Barista.”

Check out Starbucks at Home

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