by - May 30, 2022

Today I going to share with you all how I do my natural makeup look within 5mins with SLAE COSMETICS! 
SLAE is a local brand that is committed to empower working women and busy women,
and it is also 100% natural and cruelty free!

Bare & Boujee Cushion Foundation (Natural Beige) 
Best seller because of smooth application to create flawless skin effect. Include SPF50 to protect skin from the sun. Works well with all type of skin

(Personal Review: All you need to do is Dap Dap Dap and tadah You Going to Get a Korean Glossy Look with full coverage with high sun protection SPF50 PA++, oh ya! The sponge is very soft and gentle to skin!)

Bare & Boujee Compact Powder (Natural Beige) 
great in mattifying oily skin. last long to keep the skin matte and less oily after long hours of working, with SPF20

(Personal Review: Not a Glossy Look Fans, No worries, Always Something for you!! I using it to touch up my makeup, it's in my make up bag all the time, just right when long hour outside!)

Wild & Wonder Eyeshadow
one and only eyeshadow, super pigmented, easy application and easy to blend. colour range is from neutral to shimmer, fit daily wear and glam wear

(Personal Review: A Multitasking Eyeshadow Palette 
from natural look to night look, it's not only just as eyeshadow but Act as Bronzer, As Blusher, As Highlighter, of cause with different brushes ya! if you want me to bring only one item out from SLAE Cosmetic, I will Choose Wild & Wonder Eyeshadow!)

SummerKiss Liquid Matte (Sun Tanned, Tropical Pink)
Bestselling item. Smooth application and creamy, matte finish. Non-transferable when wearing mask. Can be used as eyeshadow and blush as well.

(Personal Review: these two is lovely as a pair, as i always doing Korean ombre lip (Kissing Lips) with Sun Tanned to cover the whole lips then layer the inner one with Tropical Pink, the texture is not drying at all and it is great as a cream base blusher.) 

Bloom This Way Creamy Matte Lipstick (Dahlia Delight)
Meant for dry lips with Ultra-Colour-Naturals Technology, it sets into a lightweight texture

(Personal Review: when you already have a nice and on-point eyeshadow and you just wanna something natural/nude colour lipstick, then this is a must for you! just nice to compliments the whole make up look! Ya. makeup rules, don't overshadow each of them, either one will do.) 

Feline Microblade Eyebrow Liner: Brown 
The microblade allow to draw the eyebrow instantly and giving a result as a natural brow

(Personal Review: My Most Favourite Item in SLAE Cosmetic! It makes my eyebrow look so natural and nice in shape, remember to drag the liner bit by bit, then always start from the middle part instead of the front part. Yeah, going to restock it once I finished it!)

Feline Triple Threat Mascara 
all-time favourite. one of hot selling too. easy to apply and will make eyelash looks thicker and longer. makeup artist loves to use this mascara for lower lashes because it grips each lash very well

(Personal Review: It pick up my tiny and short lashes without eyelash curler! the fiber in the mascara makes my lashes long and alive! the brush size is just nice for me! ya, not too oversize! hahaha, you get what I mean right!)

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